Fine felines and fabulous fashion

Well, hello! It’s been a little while, I know. My apologies for that but, amongst other things, my little Pixiecat has been taking up a lot of my time as I enjoy every minute I can with her. In case you’re new to my blog or missed my recent updates, Pixie is onto her 9th life, sadly. She’s doing really well, and I don’t think you’d ever know if I hadn’t told you she was ill because she’s just so laidback and nothing seems to phase her.

The only tell-tale sign anything is wrong is her slightly weepy left eye for which I must give her drops every day. She’s not a fan of that but soon forgets once I call ‘fooooooodies’, bless her dear heart. It has to be done though.

In my last blog I mentioned how I asked my vet to refer Pixie to an oncologist. Well, we met an absolutely wonderful and clearly very dedicated specialist called Francesca who, prior to a thorough examination, was optimistic about options for Pixie. I said I had prepared myself for the worst and she reassured me saying that it may be possible to remove the affected bone but it would also mean losing Pixie’s left eye but she would know more once she examined her.

It probably wasn’t all that long, but it felt like a lifetime as I waited outside in the car park on a beautifully sunny day watching pets and vets come and go and feeling bad for not being with Pixie for her examination. Finally, Francesca re-emerged with my darling Pix.

She commented on what a sweet little cat she is and said she seems far younger than her years. Then came the news I really didn’t want to hear. The cancer had progressed further than she had been prepared for. Nothing else could be done except to ensure she is comfortable and enjoys the rest of her little life.

So many people on social media have made suggestions and shared lots of interesting information with me. After researching into processed pet food, I have decided to only let the girls have some as an occasional treat and they are now getting fresh fish and tinned sardines as I’m certain they’re much healthier options for them. Also, after checking with the oncologist, I’m adding a small amount of turmeric and CBD oil to their food after reading about the alleged therapeutic benefits. Francesca said that although there’s no conclusive evidence she felt there was no harm in doing so.

Please don’t take my word for that regarding your pets, though. If you are considering alternative therapies, please consult your vet as more harm than good could be caused without the correct advice. I certainly wouldn’t sleep well at night if I didn’t make that clear.

As Pixie appeared to be a little uncomfortable on one of the super-hot nights we had recently, so much so that she was panting, I called the vets and got her checked out. They suspected it was just the heat and that she didn’t appear to be in any discomfort but just to be sure she isn’t suffering I asked if it might be good to have some painkillers on hand in case. They gave her a dose of painkillers and sent us home with some to take every day. One is a liquid which goes in with her food. No problem. The other, however, is a tablet. Luckily, it’s only once a day as it’s no fun for either of us. Have you ever tried giving a cat a tablet? Even with her being so placid it’s a little tricky sometimes but, like the eye drops, it’s an inconvenience soon forgotten and rewarded with a treat.

Pixiecat and Popsiecat are such joyous little characters. I’ve been taking about a million and one photos of them daily, so I thought I’d share a few. Thank you, once again, for all your kind words and support. I do read all of them and my heart goes out to those of you who know firsthand, what we are going through. Despite the fact she may not have long left with us, Pixie is certainly loving her little life. She still plays, eats like a greedy horse, grooms herself regularly and sleeps peacefully. That’s exactly what she’s doing as I type this. Curled up next to me, looking like the sweetest little angel ever. My heart is so full of love for her and I’ve a big smile on my face for the fact that I’m so blessed that she enriches my life so much just by being there. Ok, Pixiecat, not every blog can be all about you… well, then again. Can’t it? No. No, Catherine, it can’t.

Time to talk fashion… Now, I don’t claim to be the most stylish presenter on the block, but I am a huge fan of QVC’s fashion ranges. I have a wardrobe full of Onjenu dresses and jumpsuits, loads of Kim & Co, pairs and pairs of Skechers trainers, boots, sandals and shoes, and that’s just for starters!

On Friday we are celebrating QVC style with a whole day dedicated to fashion including accessories. I’ll be kicking off the day at 9am and 10am but you can get a head start with your shopping at 9pm on Thursday when we launch the Today’s Special Value from Nina Leonard.

I don’t know if you’ve already read about QVC’s new Presenter Stylist, Stine Wintlev, but she is simply wonderful and has a superb eye for fashion. Stine has been working behind the scenes at QVC for a number of years and I’d often call on her for advice on styling ahead of my shows. I was so thrilled when her new position was announced! I’m good at choosing a dress or a jumpsuit but separates often pose a real quandary for me. I also feel I’ve got to that age where I’m not quite sure what’s fashionable anymore and how to work the trends into my own style.

Enter Stine! Several weeks back Stine and I had a video consultation about my style. She then produced a style file on me which I fell in love with. I explained how I am confident with getting dressed up for glamorous events, such as the QVC staff Christmas party (ooh, I have a story about Stine and a Christmas do but that’s for later), but when it comes to everyday chic I fail miserably and often just rely on my Diane Gilman skinny jeans and my son’s hand me down sweatshirts. Stine has been a miracle worker.

I’ll quickly tell you about the little Christmas do story before continuing. A few years back Stine and I were leaving one of QVC’s festive parties at the same time. My feet were killing me, so I took off my shoes and Stine patiently walked slowly as I hobbled along the cobbles to the tube station with her. Me apologising with every slightly tipsy step and her kindly saying it was no problem. What a sweetheart. My kinda gal. Tangent over, back to the subject in hand.

She knows I love a vintage look, think ‘Mad Men’, so came up with this fabulous combo finished off with luscious Lulu (Guinness) lips. The other looks I would never have thought of, but I fell in love with them! I was particularly excited by the Rino & Pelle blazer and the Skechers shoes.

Stine even took into account the fact that I’m a vegan and don’t buy leather, fur or wool and she found some great vegan-friendly options for me. I even questioned the Marc Fisher slingbacks as they seemed far too leather-like to be faux. The lining looked like it was genuine, top quality leather. Stine smiled and showed me the labels and it turns out they’re perfect for me in every way, so I now have a pair in red and a pair in black! Rude not to, surely?!

Well, I’d best leave it there for this week as Pixiecat is wanting a little tummy rub. Who am I to deny her (and myself) that simple pleasure?

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.

Love, Catherine xx

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  1. Oh Catherine how I feel for you in what is a strange and difficult time! I too know the pain of losing a furry loved one(more than once) and I cried as I read your blog! Sending you big virtual hugs and as much special precious time with Pixie as possible! X

  2. I know how difficult it is to give tablets to cats. Mine is on 2 different pills per day. Try ‘Greenies Feline Pill Pockets.’ I don’t know what I’d do without them, they come in chicken and salmon flavour and you can buy them on Amazon.

    Hope this helps with lovely Pixie. X

  3. Ahh bless you Catherine, such a difficult time for you, my heart goes out to you and your family. It must be even worse as your lovely Jamie isn’t with you either, for a shoulder…😔
    Agatha hates taking tablets too … so we also know how tricky that can be !!😏😏
    Love all of your “looks”, so stylish. Looking forward to seeing the new Presenter too.
    So good to see you today, looking stunning, as always. Still rocking the lovely fringe 😊
    Take care and big hugs to you and Pixie and Popsie 😘

  4. Oh Catherine
    I had a tear in my eye reading about Pixiecat. I am so sorry nothing more can be done and my heart goes out to you. We have had one rescue dog who had to be put to sleep 20 years ago and I still think about all the happy memories we had. Our first rescue cat died 5 years ago this August our second rescue cat we will have had 5 years this Hogmanay pets bring great comfort and joy.

    Thinking about you. Take care May x

  5. Sending lots of love, you have been a wonderful mummy to her. Having been through a similar time I know how your time with her is so special. After losing my little Cindy I do have two older cats which I worry about so I have just put a deposit down on a little black kitten I will be picking up the end of August. I did dither a bit as three years ago I was very ill with cancer myself and I’m now in remission but I find it hard to think about future things. But this for me is a step forward about looking forward. Hope you don’t mind me telling you all this but I feel you being such a lovely lady I can share. Love Anne Stone

  6. Oh Catherine, So sorry to hear about your darling little cat. She’s having the best life possible being with you and I hope it continues for as long as possible. But I know your heart must be breaking. Sending you and the kitties a massive hug. x

  7. It’s never easy when a furry friend becomes ill. I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I went through a similar experience with my previous cat.

    When I got my current cat, before I brought him home, I did some research online regarding cat food. I decided that he would have Orijen, which is a dry food, made in Canada. As this is all he has, I checked with the vet and he confirmed that it was ok to give him a complete dry food diet. I have tried giving him treats now and again but he turns his nose up on them!

  8. Hi Catherine
    Really missed you off our screens and your cheerful chat and feared the worst about Pixiecat
    I’m glad you have this golden time with her, after my sudden loss, and she looks well
    Oh yes…..I remember well trying to get pills into our cats of my childhood! Not pretty 🐾🐾🥺
    Loving the new style advice but also love your own free spirit! Take care and stroke both kitties from me xx

  9. Dear Catherine, a heartfelt thank you for keeping us updated on the most wonderful pixiecat, with tears I look at her and she looks so content, our pets bring us so much love. Take care Catherine sending you and the girls a massive hug xx

  10. How sad Catherine, I feel your loss, having lost my beloved cat called Chubby Chops, he was my darling boy and I sadly had to make “that awful decision” near the end, it’s never easy saying goodbye. Our time with out pets is so precious and I am so pleased that you and Pixiecat have such a wonderful loving friendship, you enjoy

    Lots of love
    Michy xxx

  11. So sorry to hear about Pixie but she has a great life with you! This cancer thing is absolutely awful, I myself am trying to recover after surgery,chemo etc etc and can relate to the previous lady about an uncertain future. Wishing you lots of love and Pixie is definitely in my prayers, xxx

  12. Oh Catherine what can I say, except please be strong for your Pixiecat, it is an awful time for you. Love them both, as I know you do, but perhaps a little bit extra for Pixie. Time spent with our pets is priceless and they bring so much pleasure into our lives….so my prayers are with you and Pixie and may God bless you both.

  13. I am so sorry Catherine to hear about wee pixie cat , it’s heartbreaking I know but think about all the good times you have had with her.You are both in my thoughts. Xx

  14. Dear Catherine

    I know exactly how you are feeling I lost one of my furry babies to cancer a few years ago she had it in her back leg paw so they could not operate due to were it was so we had her back leg amputated as the vet thought it would stop the spread but unfortunately after a couple of months we found out it had spread so we kept her as comfortable as we could and when the time was right – you will know- she went to sleep. The only consolation I can give you is that Sandie had the best life we could give, like you we spoilt her and her sister and 2 brothers and know that they never wanted for anything.

    Take Care Ann

  15. Hello Catherine…..please may I ask how little Pixiecat is ? I am sorry to intrude but, having two cats myself, I know what you must be going through, Anyway I sincerely hope all is well…..much love to Pixiecat xxx

  16. Hi, i have never done this before but thought i had to write to,my gorgeous boy bsh tabby, was what i call my real dream, i always dreamt i would have that breed cat,i loved him more than life, he was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and they gave him 8 weeks to live but to the vets amazement i had him for another 18months, i too stopped packet food, his favorite was either raw steak or cooked medium i used to cut it into little pieces for him also prawns with a lot of love and cuddles. i had for 18 more months he was 17 years old, i am broken and miss my best friend very much but i know he loved me and i loved him and i think of all the happy times and things we did. my praise are with you and your gorgeous cat

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