Hey hey, beauty day’s on the way!

It’s so good we’re giving you not one, but two! This Saturday and Sunday is dedicated to all things beauty. It looks set to be a pretty exciting one with lots of new things to look forward to and some good old favourites, too!


If you follow me on my Instagram you may have already seen this video. I was given the honour of unboxing the latest TILI (Try It, Love It) box. It’ll be featured on Julia Roberts’ 9am show on Saturday. There’s a whopping £133.50 worth of products inside for only £23 plus p&p! I have a feeling it won’t be around for too long so make sure you keep checking on the website for its arrival.

There’s a gorgeous Laura Geller Today’s Special Value planned for Saturday too which you can buy now here. It’s called ‘The Artisan All Stars’ and it contains some tried and true favourites. The star is Balance-n-Brighten Foundation, but we also get a lush retractable kabuki brush with it! Then there’s a lovely Baked Blush-n-Highlight in French Vanilla and Pink Buttercream shades. Finally, in a brand new shade called Naples, we get Laura’s beautiful Italian Marble Lipstick. It’s a really adaptable, natural and creamy lippy that I think everyone will love.

Plus, if you were to buy this Laura Geller collection from us after this offer ends, you’d pay £60, plus P&P. So for the TSV price of £41.94, plus P&P, you’re saving £18.06. I’ll be on air with a whole hour of Laura Geller on Saturday at 4pm and I’m really looking forward to it.

Following on from that I have a brand new hair show premiering at 5pm called ‘My Hair Doctor’. Guy Parsons, founder and CEO of the company says:

“I’ve combined my years of expertise and knowledge, both as hairdresser and trichologist to create the My Hair Doctor collection. Each product has been specifically formulated using handpicked active botanical and scientifically proven ingredients that not only benefit your hair, they solve all your daily hair and scalp problems.”

If you’re thinking, “Guy Parsons… I know that name” it may be due to the fact he was a part of the makeover team on TV’s ‘Ten Years Younger’. Gosh, I loved that programme so much! It was always so lovely to see people, who had maybe lost direction or motivation to feel good about the way they looked, turn around at the end and see just how beautiful they were with the expert help of the makeover team.

I had a really great video chat with the Doctor, himself, a couple of weeks back. What a genuine, lovely, passionate gentleman he is. I just know you’re going to love him and his fantastic products. They’re all about hair health and, as much as it’s about the beautiful, natural botanicals in them, it’s also about what he leaves out. Truly lovely products. I’ve been trialling a few and can honestly say they are a pleasure to use and my hair feels (and looks) glad to have discovered this range!

I’m with you on Sunday, too. At 5pm I’ll be in the salon with SBC where we’ll have expert advice as well as some really super deals. Then at 7pm it’s one of my faves, Nails Inc! I adore their formulas and fab colours so much but, again you know when they bring us collections they’ll be absolutely brilliant value for money!

One more product launch to tell you about is something which has a really cute name is Wrinkles Schminkles! These are little adhesive pads which you wear whilst you sleep to help improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I’ll be giving them a try tonight, so I’ll report back soon but they’re definitely worth looking out for, especially if, like me, you have those between the bazooms lines from side sleeping! Watch this space!

Nearly time for me to sign off now but not before I tell you, arguably, the very best bit about this beauty weekend… Eeeeeeeeeeasy Payyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!!! Yay yay for easy pay! It’s easy pay all the way for the whole weekend long on all beauty day items which means you can spread the cosy in interest-free instalments! Yippee!!

Well, that’s all from me for this week. I hope you’re looking after yourselves as well as can be. Thank you for always being there in the many different ways that you are. You’re wonderful.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Hi Catherine, I’m not a subscriber to face book but I have watched your video of you cutting your hair, fantastic and so brave- your hair looks great.

    I have grown my hair and have it regularly trimmed and before this present lockdown , I contemplated having a bob similar to yours, but it does need regular maintenance to keep it looking sharp, so, under the unforeseen events of a further lockdown being imposed and hairdressers being closed, again, I’m so glad I didn’t take the plunge as I know I just wouldn’t be able to maintain it myself- well done!

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