I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

My street is very small and it’s a no through road. We have a street party every year in the summer but, obviously, things are very different this year. Having said that, some of my neighbours organised a very responsible little street party where they sat outside the front of their houses and had some sandwiches and cakes. I am on a WhatsApp group with them, so I felt like I was there with the photos that were coming in, but I gave it a miss as I had plans with friends and family on the phone and FaceTime. I very much look forward to a time when we can have our usual summer street party. Perhaps I might suggest we dress up for it to have a good old fashioned 1940’s style victory party!

I did get dressed up for the occasion. I spent some time creating a 40’s make-up and hair look and popped on this lovely Jolie Moi jumpsuit to complete the vintage look. I also wore it at the weekend on air and received a lot of questions about it. Here is the link if you’d like to take a look.

After spending a lot of the day feeling quite moved in many ways, I had some time to myself in the garden. I have wanted a hot tub for years but there’s no way I could stretch to a built in one at the moment. Instead I opted for an inflatable one! It’s brilliant! The sun shone brilliantly, I’ve picked up quite a few more freckles, and I cracked open some fizz to toast the memory of those who ‘gave their tomorrow for our today’. I always find those words deeply stirring and will forever hold gratitude in my heart. Some of you may know that The Royal British Legion is very dear to my heart. Our Poppy Collection is available online all year round to help support the vital funds they need. You can check out the range here.

I really savoured that time of solitary reflection and relaxation. I listened to a ‘wartime memories’ playlist on Amazon Prime music. Oh, it was lovely. So many lyrics were really uplifting and encouraging. Sad we couldn’t all be properly together but it’s still a day I’ll always remember. I hope yours was, too.

Before I go, I’d love to tell you about a really lovely Todays Special Value offer scheduled for next Monday, the 18th. It’s from, the now iconic, great British jewellery brand, Lola Rose. I like the fact it’s something you can wear right now, every day, and never feel like it’s something to put away just for special occasions.

Founder, Nikki Gewirtz MBE, has been creating beautiful and special pieces for women from all walks of life for many years now. It’s truly a passion for her. She and her team have become like family. I’m sure many of you will know Anna Green, Nikki’s right hand woman and great friend. Between Nikki and Anna, they share the on-air shows discussing and showing the wonderful jewellery and accessories.

As you will see there are colours to suit every taste in this pair of bracelets. They will offer excellent value for money and could be worn together or as a ‘one for you, one for me’ gift. They’re always packaged ready to gift, too. 

I love the idea behind the Lola team’s choosing of these as a pair. Here’s what they told us:

“So, we have decided in the office that the heart end bracelet is Nikki – all about the girly styling, loves a heart and the message that conveys, and the tumble end bracelet is Anna contemporary, bold and statement styling. Together they make the perfect pair!”

We agree. A lovely coupling, indeed. 

Well, that’s all for this week but do remember that my sign language series continues on Instagram every Wednesday and I’m now several weeks into my reading series which I post every Thursday. All episodes of both series are on my Instagram TV so no need to worry if you’ve missed any. They’re all accessible any time you like. If you’ve yet to check them out I’m sharing beginner level British Sign Language with you at a pace which I’m told is comfortable for complete beginners, like me, and the reading aloud series currently features a lovely story about a sweet little cat. Feel free to check them out @catherinehuntleytv.

I’m wishing you well and hoping you’re keeping safe,

Love Catherine xx

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  1. Hi Catherine, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. You looked lovely. I must treat myself to a pair of red sandals and a hand bag. Thank you for the stylish tips. I have been shopping a lot on Qvc. The easy pays have been a blessing. Treated myself for my 69th Birthday next month. Stay safe and bless. Antoinette

  2. Hi Catherine your blogs are just fantastic to read and you look absolutely stunning in your outfit, thank you for sharing with us..

    Love your stories such a lovely kind human being, till we all meet again.

    Stay safe.xx

  3. Hello Catherine you look lovely and Happy stay heathy and safe you are a special person who thinks of others love your Blogs & Stories xx

  4. Hi Catherine what a great blog so many topics covered. It is a great distraction from all the uncertainty and sadness at the moment. The hot tub looks very inviting on a lovely sunny day.
    I enjoyed your show with Nikki from Lola Rose I love the jewellery and am looking forward the TSV.
    As with everyone I am missing close contact with family and friends – thank goodness for technology (I never thought I would say that!)
    I treated myself to a lovely sage coloured recliner from QVC really good quality for the price and was delivered in the normal 3-5 working days.
    Take care and stay safe with love from Julia xxx

  5. What dress where you wearing today when you presented the Lola rose section of the lunchtime show,you looked lovely.

  6. Thank you for highlighting signingas a grandmother of a deaf child it is important that people sign as most people wear masks they cannot lip read Through all these times they seem to be left out Most people use there hands when speaking face the person and express yourself Thankyou

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