A bouncy train, gardening and fab offers


This week’s blog comes to you from a train journey into London.

I think I’m on the bounciest train ever! Tapping the touchscreen keys is a little hit and miss at times. When submitting this blog to my copywriter (who does a fantastic job of checking it over and popping in the images to upload to our website), I’ve warned him to keep a closer eye than usual for spelling errors!

So, an appointment in London and then a few days off chilling at home. I plan to do a spot of gardening and I’m also in the process of making a little slide table with storage, using part of an old pinball machine playfield. I didn’t know at first, but the playfield is the name of the platform the ball rolls over.

I’ve had a busy few days at work and placed a few orders for myself too. Lock and Lock is nothing short of brilliant. I know, I never thought it would be possible to get so excited over storage containers. This set is one of the best values and we’ve gone for the lime. I was on air with Gail the other night and we both agree, you can never have too many Lock and Locks. The reviews are fantastic as well.

My dad recently celebrated his birthday. One of his gifts, from my sister, was a fabulous pair of Skechers. These are great and very adjustable as well, which he’ll love. This brand has been with us for many years, and it has a huge fan base. I’ve bought my mum trainers from the range and also sandals. She loves them.

Speaking of Mum, she’s done so much for me recently, so I do love to send her treats in the post as way of saying thank you and thinking of you. Mum caught one of my fashion shows recently and she loved the WULI:LUU T-Shirt from Gok Wan. Always by your side. Well, I secretly placed an order and it’s on the way to her. It’s okay, this blog won’t spoil the surprise as Mum doesn’t do the internet, apps or smart devices. I’m safe on that front!

Finally, as you probably know if you’ve caught me on air, I’m not the greatest of gardeners! But QVC makes it so easy and I’m definitely improving. Well, we had a fabulous Today’s Special Value offer from Hayloft. This collection is gorgeous and will be dispatched 6th September. 100 bulbs altogether, across five varieties. I can’t wait to see the results pop up next year!

From these few orders I’ve made, it shows a small snapshot of the huge variety that QVC has to offer.

Staying with the gardening, we have another fabulous Today’s Special Value offer coming up. This time it’s from Bell & Howell, and it’s a Set of Eight Lumen Swivel Solar Disc Lights. These are so stylish. It’s a great Today’s Special Value offer and you can catch it on air on Sunday 13th June. Of course, it will launch the night before at 9pm.

Right, the train journey is almost over. Time for the appointment and then home for a spot of DIY and gardening.

Take care and see you soon!

Charlie 🙂

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