A delicious deal to tuck into

Hiya, I hope you’re keeping safe and well and as busy as possible during these difficult times.

It’s been non-stop in the Brook household. I’ve just finished decorating the front bedroom and I’ll happily not see a paint brush for at least the next six months! Actually, painting was the easy bit – it was the prep work which took so long. The bedroom hasn’t been touched for nearly 15 years! It was quite a state. It’s now looking a lot fresher and brighter.

It’s been busy at work too and if you catch me on air from time to time, you’ll know that I do have the occasional mishap… it’s the way I am – I can’t help it! That’s what I tell the bosses anyway 😉 But, I’ve never had a mishap quite like this though – when my jacket ripped moments before going back on air. Carla, my lovely guest, found it particularly amusing! Time to find a needle and thread I think!

Our homepage is always worth a visit to check out the latest offers including Today’s Special Value and the Big Deals. One of the Big Deals I was asked to try out… and when I heard it was The Real Pie Company… how could I refuse?!

These pies are nothing short of divine and this Big Deal is a selection of beautiful vegetarian pies. You’ll receive a total of 12 pies, four varieties, so three of each. I struggle to find the words to describe how delicious they are. The flavour, the pastry, the aroma… simply heaven! I love them all, but I ran the camera while tucking into my absolute favourite. The Chestnut Mushroom, Leek and Stilton!  You’ll probably notice, I had an inquisitive nose during the filming!

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I can’t recommend these pies highly enough! They also come in a 12-piece assorted meat pie option and both selections include brand new varieties to tuck into such as Chilli Beef Pie. Even our food is backed by our money back guarantee too, which at the moment is 60 days.

Our latest promotion is also underway right now at QVC UK. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever done anything quite like it before. Our Refer a Friend campaign is brilliant. If you refer a friend, not only will they be rewarded but you will be too. It’s fantastic and all the information can be found right here.

Ok, time for me to tuck into another pie! This time, I think I’ll go for the Chickpea Curry Pie!

See you soon and take care,

Charlie 🙂

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    1. Hello G,

      Ahhh, thanks for your kind words. I didn’t make them a pie, but trust me, they’re well and truly spoilt and despite what they may say – never go hungry! Haha!

      All the best


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