A garden visitor, a smashed iPad and an Ultrasun offer


So, April is just around the corner which means the days are getting longer and the weather warmer too… lovely!

This winter feels like it has really dragged on. We’ve had some lovely mild days of late, though, and long may they continue. Whilst doing a spot of gardening I came across a mystery hole – about the size of a walnut! It’s a part of the garden that my Cairns have been showing a lot of interest in – and now I know why. I trained a camera on the suspect area – and look who we met at 5am! I’m not entirely sure if this is a mouse or rat? Any thoughts? Well, by the time you read this, hopefully we’ve managed to humanely capture the little visitor! I think it’s a mouse, but I’m not too sure…?

So, that was one excitement of our week, the other excitement, not quite as entertaining. I was in the kitchen, holding my iPad (which by the way, technically isn’t mine – it’s QVC’s) and it slipped from my hand; it was like seeing it happen in slow motion as it careered to the tiled floor… and well, you can see the result. Thankfully, it wasn’t completely beyond repair. And one new screen later, it’s back in working order. I’ve assured the bosses I’ll be extra careful from now on.

So, looking ahead. As always if you get a chance, do check out our homepage to stay up to date with the latest offers, Today’s Special Value offers, and Big Deals.

Plus, there’s a TSV I’m set to launch is this coming Tuesday 30th March at 9pm. Then again at midnight as we head into Wednesday. It’s the brilliant, Ultrasun Sun Protection five-piece Kickstart Collection. It is available in three options. Glimmer, Family and Sport. This brand is a firm favourite of so many of us, here at QVC, and of so many of our viewers too. In fact, this is the one brand I always ensure I have in stock at home, all year round.

I hope you can join us for the 9pm launch and then again at midnight.

Take care and see you soon… oh and do your best to not drop your tablet or smartphone!

Charlie x

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Charlie.
    It looks very much like a little wood mouse to me – unfortunately my cats bring a few in to me so I am quite familiar with them!

  2. That is a mouse without a doubt. You can tell by its ears I think it’s a doormouse. They have Micky mouse ears lol I remember seeing one in our garden when it had snowed, this was a good few years away though.

  3. Hi Charlie, I see you are still using a chair whilst presenting, are you still having problems with your knee? You and Anne Dawson are like a matching pair.
    Take care of yourself

  4. Hi Jo, I think you’re right, it’s an adorable little thing isn’t it…

    All the best to you and your cat!


  5. Hiya Hayley, I think we’re settled on a little mouse, which I prefer to a rat!

    What was a mouse doing out in the snow!!

    All the best


  6. Hi Jill, yes the knee is still playing up! They’re taking great care of me at QVC. Our backstage team is the best!



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