A relaxing Sunday with pancakes

Hello, well, the month of April has raced on by and May is upon us! Not entirely sure where this year is going. Any ideas?

Although it’s been chilly, I’ve loved spending time in our garden. It’s fairly wild and not lined with neat borders and pots – my terriers would probably have something to say about that and start digging! They do love a hole and the one at the end of the garden is enormous. They’ll often lie in it, especially when the soil has been gently baked by the sun.

How stunning is the blossom on this tree? It’s such a shame it doesn’t hang around too long. And there’s always something rather beautiful and charming about a daisy. Although my mower often has a different viewpoint.

So, I’ve enjoyed a few days relaxing. Watching TV, a spot of gardening and playing lots of chess. It’s our ‘go to’ game right now and I’m losing more than I’m winning! The rest of my Sunday morning (after many games) was lovely, lazy – an extended morning with pancake after pancake… and then some more!

I’m back at Q and enjoying some fabulous shows. I presented my first show with Dannii Minogue on Monday and it was great fun. Her Diamonique range is gorgeous, and her fantastic fashion collection is available now too.

I’m looking ahead to the next few days at Q. There’s lots happening, as always. And as ever, a quick visit to our homepage is great if you want to ‘check in’ for the latest Today Special Values , Big Deals and Special Offers.

We’re really looking forward to this Today’s Special Value offer coming up on Tuesday 4th May. It’s a set of three small, medium and large, linen-look storage boxes from Periea. This range is brilliant. We have a few from Periea and have been really impressed. So useful!

Lots more happening between now and then of course. Ok, having seen the picture – I’m now tempted by more pancakes!

Take care and see you soon.

Charlie x

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  1. Hi Charlie

    Yes those pancakes do look good! Lovely photos of the cherry blossom and daisies too. Look forward to more photos of your mischievous terriers as well!

    I particularly love watching you on the Diamonique shows as you always have fun with your guests and never sure sometimes what’s going to happen next and what you’re going to say next but all very entertaining!

    Hope your back is getting better.

    Take care.

    Romola XX

  2. Hi Charlie.

    Just been catching up on your blogs from March onwards, and found the 1st March one of particular interest as have been an insomniac for around 13 years and get by with three to four hours sleep if I’m lucky. Sleeping tablets not much help and make feel like a zombie next morning!

    Keep up the good work with your blogs
    Always interesting.

    All the best.


  3. Hi Charlie
    They are lovely pictures of the blossom tree and daisies. Your wild style garden sounds perfect for both your lovely Cairn Terriers and visiting wildlife 🙂
    The storage boxes look really stylish and useful for storing so many different things – it’s surprising how much they can help transform our living spaces.
    Wishing you all the best (and many more pancakes 🥞 )
    Jules x

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