A trip down memory lane


I hope this blog finds you safe and well. It’s been a really tough week with so much of the UK being hit hard by the weather. Some of the stories covered have been heartbreaking. We were very fortunate at home – other than a minor fence repair we managed to avoid any damage. These last few days have reminded me of the storm of 1987. I’ll never forget the devastation we woke up to that morning. If these storms have affected you in any way, I’m sending all my thoughts and warmest wishes to you.

So, I’ve been off work this last week. Stayed safe, at home, doing very little actually, which has been nice. During my time off though, the new carpets finally went down. And whilst tidying, sorting and putting back furniture it was a huge trip down memory lane for me.

I found my very first computer Mum and Dad bought me – my Sinclair Spectrum, 16k. Games included Hungry Horace and Jet Pack. I also found one of my favourite toys – this transformer (Robots in Disguise!) is 40 years old.

I love this car. It holds so many precious memories. I’d spend hours building cities and ramps out of old bits of cardboard and left-over cereal packets. And, when not doing that, I’d be out on my blue and yellow Raleigh BMX with Skyway Three Wheels! I loved that bike and regret to this day selling it in a garage sale when we moved home.

But, right back into present times now. And, what a busy time we’re having at QVC. I’ve loved our Reset Your Style Fashion Event. So many great shows were enjoyed. I’ve had some wonderful shows this week too, including being on-air with Marie-Francoise and Kipling. I also had a fun hour on air with Imogen and Joules fashion.

Browsing our schedule, there lots to look forward to. More fabulous Today’s Special Values to watch out for. And, something I know many are going to be tuning in for is the Theragun Elite Massage Gun. Can’t wait to see this on-air and learn all about it.

In the meantime, take care and I’ll see you back on air very soon.


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