Bargains galore in the QVC mid-season sale


I hope this blog finds you safe and well. I can’t quite believe August is upon us, and as I write this blog from home, it’s pouring with rain. Typical British weather for the summer, and this year the weather seems to have been all over the place – more than ever!

But the garden is happy, having been scorched by the sun the last ten days or so. The grass is already looking greener.

So, I’ve had a few days away from work, simply chilling and relaxing. I’ve been out walking the dogs and resting up. I also had a nasty eye condition that flared up, but our amazing NHS worked wonders, prescribing all sorts. Thankfully, it’s settling down now. Back to work soon!

And with August upon us, we’ve got a cracking start to the month. On Monday 2nd it’s a day of ‘Mid Season Sale’ on air, with specially themed shows throughout the day, including Beauty, Fashion, Diamonique, Footwear and Gardening & DIY, among others.

It’s set to be a brilliant day with fantastic offers to be found. All backed by our 60-day money back guarantee of course.

Also, we have a fabulous Today’s Special Value offer on the day too. It’s the Tili Rotating Make up Brush with two Brush Heads.


Then, as we head into Tuesday 3rd (but lunching Monday at 9pm) we’ll bring you the Fitbit Luxe Health and Fitness Tracker. I know so many people who now have a Fitbit. They absolutely love it and find it invaluable.

So, lots to look forward to. But as I draw the blog to a close, there’s thunder rumbling away outside, so I’d better dash. Time to comfort my two dogs.

Take care and see you back on air very soon.

Charlie x

3 Responses

  1. Pleased ur eye conditions is getting better Charlie.
    Thank you for showing us this months launches!

  2. Hi Charlie SORRY to hear about your eye condition glad it’s getting better I love the laura Geller makeup and together blouses and I adore molten brown I bought my sister the trio of molten brown hand washes she loves them ana said she won’t use anything else ever again love to you and everyone take care XXX TINA IN GATESHEAD TYNE & WEAR

  3. Hi Charlie,
    Haven’t seen you in Shepperton for ages. Of course Covid probably has a lot to do with that.
    Do hope your eye problem is sorted soon. It’s not easy to get to see a GP these days.
    Thank goodness for QVC, especially during lock down. Always good to see you on the screen.
    Hope you & your family are safe & well. Take care.

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