Bearing good news


I hope you’ve had a great week so far. I’m starting to feel very festive. Radio stations are playing Christmas songs, and the big day is just a few weeks away. However, I’ve only had three mince pies so far… most unlike me!

I’m looking forward to sharing my next blog with you when my Cairn Terriers showcase their attempt at mimicking my favourite on-air clip – we run to introduce a Christmas Offer! Please don’t think Hollywood SFX for one moment… they’re looking super adorable through, for sure!

It’s a super quick blog this week to highlight a very special show coming up on Tuesday 10th December, at 2pm.

I’m really excited as its been such a long time since I’ve presented this show. I can’t wait for the Charlie Bears two-hour special!

I love this range, in fact my whole family do. They are the most enchanting of bears, with bags of personality. There are so many favourites – it’s impossible to single one out.

We have dozens in the Brook household which we’ve collected over the years and I’ve gifted many as well. My mum adores the Minimo Mohairs in particular!

I hope you can join us… we’ll be on our best bear-haviour… some of the time!

See you then!

Charlie  : – )

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  1. Just seen this Charlie, I can’t find my way around the new ‘Stories’ section ! The other way was much better where I could just go to your name to find your blog, now I have to scroll down to look for your name and if it isn’t there, then I have to click on ‘Load More’, so please tell your web designers this new ‘Stories’ section is not as easy to navigate and wastes time. Love Charlie Bears, I have a little ‘hug’ of them myself. Just enjoying your Tanzanite presentation.
    Off to find some more of your ‘blogs’. Thank you Charlie. from Susan in Kent

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