Blue skies, dog walks and an amazing offer


I hope this blog finds you well, as we finally head into the month of November. It’s starting to feel very ‘Christmassy’ at QVC. Our studios are full of festive cheer and the hours on-air are packed with fabulous offers – as is our website.

I think it’s rained nearly every day for the last three weeks or so. It’s been relentless. However, as I write today’s blog it’s nothing but blue skies and the air is very still. My Cairns are loving the sunshine, and we are making the most of it. While it lasts!

We’ve been out for some glorious walks recently, doing our best to avoid the rain. They’re not huge fans of wet weather – in fact, when it’s pouring with rain, they’ll  step outside and promptly turn around and head back indoors!

I’m loving my Skechers and I’ve walked miles in them with my dogs. These are so comfortable. Do browse the range – we have so much choice.

If, of course, they’re a gift, then the money-back guarantee is extended for the festive period until the 25th January 2020! They make the perfect present. I bought my mum some Skechers to add to her shoe collection – and she just loves them!

Lots of choice and variety as ever at QVC, and do keep an eye out for the latest Festive Find as well. You’ll always find a link on the website which will take you to the page to tell you more.

So, I’ve been enjoying a few days off. I’ve played some tennis, done a spot of DIY and am finally on the way to building a sideboard as well. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, so I’ve decided to make it instead! Wish me luck!

Many great days ahead to keep an eye out for at QVC, and we’re especially excited about the Amazon Today’s Special Value offer coming up this Saturday 2nd November.

It launches the night before at the new time of 9pm! It’s the brilliant Amazon Echo Dot, Generation Three with Smart Plug. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and Lee will be here to tell you all about it.

See you soon, and happy shopping with QVC!

Charlie x

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  1. Hello Charlie….lovely photos of your two cairns….they are gorgeous. Bet they would like to be on a Cozee Home show, just like Chloes lovely Ted was. Maybe QVC could have a ‘pets corner’ during a Cozee Home show !!! or there again maybe not eh !

  2. Ha ha. My late cairn Jack hated the rain. Think the raindrops hurt his wee head! Ears went back and he headed for home or the car! Think today’s cairns have forgotten their ancestry! 😂😂🐾

  3. Love your little dogs. How are they with fireworks? My border collie is terrified and they started mid Oct and they carry on to past New Years. I hate them!

  4. Hi Susan! They once appeared on one of our pet shows and behaved really well! I’m not so sure they will a second time!! They’re the best… cheeky, mischievous, and love to dig holes!!

    All the best


  5. Hello Anne, such a fabulous name for a Cairn! Jack!
    Strangely, mine aren’t fans of the rain yet love to go for a swim! Where’s the logic!?

    All the best


  6. Hello Kate, such a fabulous name for a Cairn! Jack! Strangely, mine aren’t fans of the rain – yet love to go for a swim! Where’s the logic!?

    All the best


  7. Hello Anne, one of my two Cains is simply terrified of fireworks. We do all we can to console her. I used to love fireworks and then I saw first hand how terrifying they can be for animals. I especially pity animals in the wild too.
    I’d ban them, or at least restrict them to the one night.

    All the best


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