A cleaning success!


I hope this blog finds you well and you haven’t overindulged on the Easter chocolate too much! I’ve actually been pretty well behaved… well, sort of!

QVC has excelled in cleaning products for many many years now. And, for me, there’s one brand in particular which I’ve always championed on air. Ecozone. It’s a very special range and has been with QVC for sometime. And, we’ve a fantastic Today’s Special Value launching on Tuesday 26th April at 9pm and featuring throughout Wednesday. It really is one to watch out for.

I’ve been given a sample to try. And, I’m loving it! It’s the Ecozone Home Cleaning Kit. This is a bumper pack featuring the Magic Stain Eraser, the Tough Degreaser Kitchen Cleaner, the Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks, the Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner, and the Appliance Descaler. It’s a brilliant selection and I’ve already had some great success. But also, what really strikes me about this collection is that on the back of each item you’ll see it’s both Vegan and Cruelty Free. I know this means so much, to so many of us, more than ever.

I’m about to use one of the Drain Cleaning Sticks. They’re really clever and help to break down organic matter (like food) that could lead to blockages and bad smells. Then there’s the Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner. This was named as one of the best eco-friendly cleaning products that ‘really work’ by the Express Newspaper in 2021. The Degreaser Kitchen Cleaner is a dream to use and the citrus fragrance is such a refreshing change compared to some of the others I’ve tried.

Then, there’s the Magic Stain Eraser! Good to test on an inconspicuous area first and then, when you’re happy, see some amazing befores and afters. The trim on my trainers (pictured at the top)  are coming up a treat and the bottom of my UPVC door (above) is looking so bright now. Although, I now need to do the rest of my trainers and the rest of my door!

It’s a fantastic TSV and of course fully backed by our brilliant 60 day money back guarantee.

See you soon!


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