A promise of sun and a great KitchenAid deal


Well, as I write this my garden is bathed in glorious sunshine… I think I’d better make the most of it. The weather these last few days has been pretty shocking, bearing in mind we’re in July. But the next few days of forecast look pretty good. I hope it is where you are too.

It’s a great British tradition to talk about the weather, isn’t it? Also, the weather app I’m using is often very accurate. It’ll forecast rain for a specific time of day, and many times the rain falls at that very time. Clever stuff!

I’m in the middle of a few days off right now. I’m chilling, catching up on lots of sleep and the grass in my back garden seems to be growing before my very eyes. We’ve left the end of our garden very wild.  Anything and everything seems to be growing there, and the wildlife loves it. I often hear rustling and scrabbling. My dogs hear it too, and they’re not overly impressed. It’s cordoned off with a little fence though, so whatever is nesting in that part of my garden is left well alone.

So, I’m chilling and relaxing, doing a spot of gardening and lots of TV to catch up on as well… Perfect!

Back at work, we have many great Today’s Special Value offers scheduled for you. It’s always worth checking out the homepage on our site to see the latest deals.


A celebrated name of over 100 years is back!  It is of course, KitchenAid, a true kitchen icon. Throughout Saturday 24th we’ll be bringing you the KitchenAid Mini Chopper. It’s brilliant and can do so many things. It launches the night before at 9pm, and I’ll be on air with it later on Saturday.

Until then, stay safe and well, and I’ll see you on air soon!

Charlie x

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