Fashion, gardening and some clever technology


I can’t quite believe where the months are disappearing to? Crazy! I’ve had some wonderful shows of late at QVC. Gardening, fashion, to name just a few. Then of course there’s footwear and beauty as well. It’s an extensive list!

Patrick takes care of Quacker Factory Fashion and also steps in to present other fashions shows and brands too. He’s wonderful to be on-air with and I often come away having learnt something new!

Gardening is in full swing at QVC and I recently took delivery of another selection from Plants2Gardens. Beautifully packaged and I can’t wait for them to flower in the summer. Richard Jackson is also keeping us busy with his extensive range too.

You’re probably aware of the many ways to shop with QVC. It all started with a phone line many years ago, which of course is still there to use, on 0800 50 40 30. There’s Q-Cut as well, plus our website, and of course the app too. But, in recent times, you’ve possibly noticed the QR code that appears on your TV screen in the bottom corner. It’s a strange looking box made up of a series of tiny ‘squared’ dots. Well, the QR Code is a brilliantly fast and easy way to order the current ‘on air’ item.

Simply open up the camera on your smart device, it could be a tablet or smartphone, and point it at the TV screen. This is me, from my sofa, 2 metres away from the TV. I simply zoomed in on the QR Code and then tapped on the link. And, that’s when magic happens! It will take you to the product page, on our website, of the current ‘on air’ item. It’s brilliantly simple and easy to use. Really worth a try. I like the fact I didn’t need to get too near to the TV. Simply zooming in with the camera and focusing on the QR Code did the trick. You will need an internet connection, of course.

Happy shopping with QVC – with some very clever technology!

Charlie 🙂

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  1. Haven’t seen you on screen for a while Charlie hope everything is ok or perhaps you’re just having some time out with your family.
    See you soon I hope

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