Fun with the terriers and a great Ecoegg offer


I hope you’re doing ok and managing to stay safe, well and occupied.

I’ve had a few extra days off this last week, having booked in some annual leave a while back. I planned to do a spot of DIY but, strangely, the roller and paint tray hasn’t moved from the garage. Odd that!?

I’ve enjoyed some wonderful early morning walks to beat the heat, with my Cairn terriers. Every walk was glorious in the morning sunshine except for one walk last Wednesday. I’m going to spare you the exact details because what they rolled in was on a scale like nothing they’ve rolled in before. Dogs are known for rolling in fox mess, they just love it. Well, what they rolled in last Wednesday morning was in another league, on another planet, in another universe. I’ll leave it there. But all I’ll say is, they were triple washed, and thankfully, I had disposable gloves to hand. I then promptly showered and washed all my clothes as well. Enough said.

But… I still utterly adore them, I didn’t get angry with them and, most importantly, they now smell divine!

So, I’ve had a spot of time on my hands and have been catching up on the BBC iPlayer too. I just love ‘The Repair Shop’. Have you seen it? It’s brilliant and can be really emotive when someone’s treasured item has been restored and repaired. Highly recommended.

When I’ve dragged myself away from the TV we’ve been spending even more time playing family board games and then it’s back outdoors with my Cairns (when clean) playing and chasing in the garden. Also, a spot of training along the way too. Hope you like the video.

QVC presenter Charlie Brook’s Cairn terriers

Cairn terriers playing catch and doing tricks

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Looking at the schedule, so much to keep an eye out for at QVC and as I always say, a quick visit to our homepage will keep you updated of the latest Today’s Special Value offers and Big Deal offerings too.

Ecoegg has been with QVC for many years now and they’ll be bringing us a fantastic TSV throughout the day this coming Wednesday 10th June. Launching the night before at 9pm is the Ecoegg, 16 Fresher For Longer Discs, with two holders. If you haven’t come across these before it’s well worth tuning in to find out more. I think they’re really clever and they can help to save you money too.

Take care and see you soon.


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  1. Hi Charlie. You two dogs are adorable and i can tell they bring you much joy. I have had a rescue dog for 10 years. She was 18 months when i got her. She has helped me through lockdown and is a joy to have. I love reading your blogs as you are very cheerful. Thankyou all for being there.

  2. hi charlie
    love the video,i also have a cairn terrier .what characters they are!
    he went to the vet for general yearly check up and inoculations ,but he has put on a bit of weight the vet didn’t buy it when i said it was down to the lockdown!! so he his now on a diet,carrots instead of biscuits and less food only problem is that yesterday we were cutting his carrots up and he only stole the whole bag off the table ,the next 15 mins were spent chasing him round the garden but he did give them back eventually minus a whole carrot.
    love him to bits though and you cannot get mad with them when they give you that “i don`t think it was me look”

  3. Hello Elaine, how wonderful having your rescue companion. They bring us so much comfort don’t they – especially during such challenging times.

    Take care and all the best


  4. Hi Jackie, that’s a very funny story. I can picture it – it’s just the sort of mine would do… I wouldn’t change it though! They’re the cheekiest characters aren’t they… I do my best to keep an eye on their weight. They do love their food don’t they!!

    Take care


  5. Hi Sheila, thanks so much for your kind words… I wonder if the bosses here agree with you!!?! Hmmmm, I daren’t ask!

    Take care


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