New Year, odd shoes!


It’s my first blog of 2022, so Happy New Year to you!

As I write this we’re halfway through the month already. QVC was so busy with the lead up to Christmas and the New Year has been nonstop as well.

I’ve already placed a number of orders at Q, including some plants from the fabulous Plants2Gardens range and a birthday present for my mum, too. My mum loves a hot water bottle and I couldn’t resist adding to her collection with this Hot Water Bottle from Cozee Home. It’s available in the grey Bailey colour or the foxy red Baxter colour.


Mum has always adored foxes, in fact, we all do, and she’s lucky enough to have one visit her garden most nights. Mum’s birthday isn’t for a while but she doesn’t do ‘tech’, so she won’t hear about if from my blog. I can’t wait to give it to her!

So, it’s been a busy start to 2022 and I’ve presented a whole host of wonderful shows so far. One of the most memorable being a couple of hours of Lola Rose with Anna last week. Not only was it memorable because it’s simply a fabulous range of jewellery with bags of colour and personality; but there was another reason too. Anna was chatting away, when suddenly she realised I was smiling and laughing…

This is why. I suddenly noticed my shoes didn’t match! Thankfully, many viewers came to my aid and we soon learnt it’s more common than we thought! I have been known to wear odd socks, and on occasion I’ve grabbed the wrong jacket when wearing a suit, but odd shoes is a first! It made us laugh, and in truth we really needed it that day.

QVC UK on Twitter: “He’s at it again, expanding his #blooper showreel. Have you ever left the house with two different pairs of shoes or is that just @mecharliebrook? / Twitter”

He’s at it again, expanding his #blooper showreel. Have you ever left the house with two different pairs of shoes or is that just @mecharliebrook?

Browsing our schedule, we have lots to look forward to at Q. When you get a second, our homepage is always worth a visit to keep up to date. And I see Davina is on air this Saturday with a brilliant Today’s Special Value offer. I’m off this weekend, but I’ll be tuning in for sure.

Right, I’m off to pair up my shoes and socks and I’ll see you back on air very soon!

Take care,

Charlie x

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  1. At least your shoes were the same colour and ‘ similar’.

    When I was working I used to wear high heels but used flat shoes for driving and running in and out of the house on my gravel drive. By the end of the week I would have several pairs of high heels in the car. My sisters came to stay with me and we went out for a meal. After an hour or so I looked down at my feet. I was wearing one brown court shoe with a 2″ heel and one navy sling back with a 3″ heel.

  2. Hi Helen!

    Your story makes me feel a whole lot better! That’s too brilliant for words! See, it’s easily done isn’t it!! Haha! Thanks for sharing.

    All the best


  3. Don’t know if you will get this watching you on air 5oclock show. The saying regarding Red and Green should never be seen except on a lovely Irish Coleen.

    Cheers Bought my 1st item on QVC from you

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