Sheep, bluebells and lots of chess


It’s a stunning day as I write this week’s blog. The doors are open, there’s a steady breeze and the sun is shining. A tad chilly, but I’m not complaining. My cairns have found a warm patch of grass which has been kindly baking in the morning sun – just for them!

I’ve enjoyed a few days off work. I did very little, which always goes down well with me. A spot of gardening (well, cutting the grass and pulling up a few weeds), a bit of TV and MANY hours of chess. We can’t get enough of this game in the Brook household – we just love it. We’re fairly evenly matched, which is good, but I’ll be mainly talking about my wins here obviously!

I’m particularly pleased with this check mate. If you haven’t had a chance to see The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, I highly recommend it. It’s what got us back into the game. Even if you’re not into chess it’s a brilliant watch, fantastically written, directed and acted. I think another season has been commissioned. I hope so.


So, chess pieces aside and lawn mower packed away, I’ve also enjoyed some wonderful walks. You never quite know what you’ll find on your travels. There are carpets of bluebells where I live now, beautiful to see. It made my morning too when I came across a few sheep and some lambs.

So, back at QVC and it’s busy as ever. Kathy Tayler has now retired from QVC. I think we’re all in denial to be honest, and we’re convinced she’ll be back on the morning show tomorrow!  It’s sad to see her go, but we’re equally thrilled and excited for her. Katy is taking over Morning Style on Wednesdays and she will do an amazing job for sure. Kathryn Goldsmith also has some news and she’s working closer than ever with our jewellery department. It’s worth checking out her blog, Instagram and Twitter to find out more!

Me, I’m looking forward to some great shows on the way. This includes the Silentnight Today’s Special Value offer I’m launching this coming Tuesday 18th at 9pm, which will then take us into Wednesday. It’s Silentnight’s Down Touch DuPont Anti Allergen Mattress Topper.


We love this brand at QVC and in my home, and it’s been with QVC for many years now. This celebrated name is one of the most recognised and trusted bed brands over the past 70 years. I hope you can join us.

Right, time for a lie-down after all that chess, walking and mowing!

See you soon, take care and stay safe.

Charlie x

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  1. Lovely blog Charlie. Laid back like you 🤣. I love your natural way of presenting. I also like this blog today as Anne and Jackie used the whole blog to sell stuff. I don’t want the blogs to be about selling as that is what the channel is for which I may add I watch for hours and have bought loads since beginning of time 🤣🤣

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