Christmas wrapped up and some great upcoming deals


Well, I’m even surprising myself… I’ve done most of the wrapping for Christmas! I’m not sure I’ve ever been this organised. Just a few things I’m waiting on and then Christmas is all wrapped up! We’ve ordered from QVC, but I can’t say too much, for obvious reasons!

How is all your planning going? Have you started, finished, halfway through, maybe not even given it a thought so far?

Well, in between wrapping, walking dogs, tidying the house (which seems to be a constant at the moment) I’ve been enjoying some great TV.

If you’ve caught any of my previous blogs, you’ll know how much I love The Repair Shop on BBC1. For me, it’s one of the best shows around and one of the best for a long time from the BBC. I’ve tried watching Strictly, but it’s never really been my thing. I’m a Celebrity, I never watch, so I’ve been heading over to Netflix and Disney+. A series which everyone is talking about on Netflix is The Queen’s Gambit. I’m only two episodes in, so far, and I’m loving it. It’s brilliantly written, directed and acted. It’s also reignited interest in the game of chess for me. I don’t think I’ve played for 30 years… and it shows. Even if you’re not a fan of chess, I highly recommend the series, so far.

Now, an absolute favourite show right now, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you must watch this. It’s on Disney+ and is called Mandalorian. Where do I begin? I’m not going to give anything away, but, imagine a very special character, which will melt your heart, in the care of a Bounty Hunter. I’ll leave it there. I’ll say no more. Watch it if you can, it’s brilliant!

If your Christmas Shopping list is yet to be written and ticked off, QVC is a great place to be. So many offers to watch out for. We’re often emailed at work with the latest promotions and deals. But, for me, the easiest way to see what’s happening is to visit our homepage where you’ll find out about the latest Today’s Special Value offer, Big Deals and Promotions.

I’m often asked for recommendations. There is so much choice, whether it be beauty, DIY, jewellery, technology, fashion, home decor, to name just a few. But, a beauty brand which rapidly became one of my favourites and a range I reach for time and time again now, is Korres. As the brand description states… ‘Beloved in native Greece since the 90s and renowned for harvesting their own unique ingredients…’

This range, I adore, and there’s a fabulous selection to choose from as well. Including, the Korres Pure Greek Olive Delight 5 Piece Gift Collection. Or, how about, the Pure Greek Olive Oil Plumping Lip Oil Duo. However, an absolute fave of mine, is the multi-tasking, Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil 3 in 1 Nourishing & Anti-ageing Oil. All the details you can find on their individual pages…

So, just a small selection there for you, but there’s so much more within the range to browse.

Everything, of course, is backed by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Including, the fabulous Cozee Home TSV launching tomorrow evening, Wednesday 9th December, at 9pm which then takes us into Thursday from midnight. It’s the Cozee Home Printed Velvetsoft Filled Throw. The title alone is so inviting isn’t it. I’ll be launching it at 9pm. I hope you can join me, it could be another perfect gift idea from QVC.

The throw is heavenly soft and so cozy so I was thrilled to be offered a sample from QVC to try out… but someone got there before me!

In the meantime, take care and stay safe and well. I’ll see you on air very soon.

Charlie x

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  1. Hello Charlie, well of course he did !!!! Our pets seem to know all the best places in the house. and there is nothing better than a warm, soft and ‘cozee’ place to rest their little bodies….honestly Charlie there is no better advert, I think, for Cozee Home products than pictures of our pets with their cozee bedding.

  2. Hi Charlie

    I am not on any social media but I would love love love you to do all Simons shows from now on. I am not on social media so can you pass this on to Simon. Don’t know which one of you are the funniest.

    Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year to you both May x

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for your message and forgive my late reply!

    We adore our pets, don’t we, and spoil them rotten! But, they deserve it!

    All the best


  4. Hello May,

    ahhh, thanks so much for your kind words. I don’t often get to present his shows. I love doing them and we have a wonderful time!

    Take care and all the best


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