Cute Koala and a tasty pie offer


So, there I was, Sunday evening presenting an hour of Cozee Home and I simply fell in love with the Koala doorstop. And, whilst on air (I could be told off for doing this!) I placed an order and arranged to have it sent to my mum. She’ll adore him, for sure, and I love to spoil my mum with those ‘just because’ unexpected gifts! Isn’t he fabulous?!

QVC has got off to an exciting start this January, with so much in store to look forward to. We’ve  just launched, what I think, is one of the most exciting promotions we’ve ever brought you. Running up until the 24th January is The Great QVC Giveaway! There are 1000 prizes to be won, (and they must all be won), including top brands from the likes of BOSE, Butler & Wilson, Kipling and Clogau. To take part is so easy, and a lot of fun too! When you make a purchase with QVC, simply use your order number to enter online, and give our virtual prize wheel a spin! It’s that simple. Also, (this is one of the best bits), all valid entries will go into the Grand Prize draw to win £10,000. The winner of the 10k will be selected at random on the 27th. To take part, you’ll need to go to the entry website You’ll also find the terms there and FAQ’s too. You can enter up to three times, in a day, with different order numbers.

Best of luck and do let me know how you get on!

Now, if you know me, you’ll know I love a delicious, tasty pie! Well, we are thrilled to be bringing you the very first Today’s Special Value offer this coming Tuesday 12th January, from Wilfred Pies. There are three options to choose from. Chicken, Steak, and Vegetarian. Whichever option you go for it’s a selection of 12, with three different varieties, (so, four of each!)

I can’t wait, I’ve been asked to try the vegetation selection, which includes – Spicy Cauliflower Balti, Sweet Potato Spinach and Goats Cheese, and Creamy Mushroom. How heavenly do they sound? I’ll be sure to post a few pictures here and there on my Twitter @mecharliebrook. I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I received an email to ask if I’d like to try them ahead of the launch. I’m very, very lucky! And I’ll do my best to share them around 🙂

In the meantime, do take care, stay safe and well – and I’ll let you know what mum thinks of Koala!

Charlie x

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  1. Charlie

    Do you ever read the comments left on your blog? I left one on the 8th of December blog and you never replied. Mr Franklin always does. Just saying lol

    1. You made a fuss of working with Jo again but you didn’t notice the new engagement ring on her finger. Debbie noticed earlier. She was holding her hand so you would notice but you said nothing. That’s a man for you. xx

  2. Hello May!

    Eeeeeeeek! So sorry! I’ve told myself off and am in detention! I’ve replied!

    Dale is extremely well behaved. Top of the class!

    All the best


    1. Hi Charlie,

      Many thanks for your reply. I heard you mention the other day about the Snoopy ornament with piano not sure exactly which one you were looking for but I checked Ebay and they have a few.

      Hope you find the one you wanted.


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