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I can’t quite believe we’re halfway through September! The evenings are drawing in and no doubt those temperatures will start to fall as well. But equally autumn can be a beautiful time of the year. The tumbling leaves, glorious colours and warm cosy nights in to look forward to.

Also, at Q we’re planning and scheduling what looks set to be some very exciting months ahead. Tomorrow is set to be a very special day too with our Home Event, running all day Wednesday 15th September.

It all launches with me this Tuesday evening at 9pm, and a fabulous Northern Nights Today’s Special Value offer. Northern Nights is one of our many long-standing brands which has built up quite a fan base over the years! This TSV offer sounds wonderful. It’s the PUR feather Ultimate Comfort Extra Deep Featherbed. Wow! All will be discussed and revealed at 9pm and midnight and throughout the day ahead.

We have wonderful shows to watch out for on the day. Some of these include Yankee Candles, Culinary Concepts and a few premier shows too, one of which is with me at 8pm. For the first time at QVC, we’ll bring you an hour of My Home Stories. I’m loving the look of this range and can’t wait to present the show.

I hope you can join us throughout the day this Wednesday.

Take care and see you soon!

Charlie x

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  1. Definitely our favourite presenter Charlie. Will be watching.PS on the subject of Netflix watches try The Stranger, More for Men’s fashion please.

  2. Hi Charlie, so pleased you are bringing more to QVC for the home, I am sure there are lots like me who love their home but cannot always afford some bigger items and easy pay is great for us.
    Thank you so much Charlie, you are as handsome as ever!!

    1. Charlie your dogs are lovely I to love dogs and was brought up with them it’s a joy to have them in our lives take care 🐕🐕🐩

  3. Hello
    I really like Charlie, he is so cute. x When he does Cosy Homes with that very nice presenter, I always feel so at ease. Just love his programmes. Also, love the other presenters, could not leave them out. lol. xxx

  4. Morning Charlie. Just to say a big thank you to yourself and Glenn for giving me a good laugh this morning (20th September). Just what I needed on a dark Monday morning with a great TSV, a laugh and going to work with a smile on my face. Love QVC Pat xx

  5. Hi Graham, Hi Sue! Thank you! And, thank you for the Netflix suggestion! I’ll certainly mention your request for more fashion.

    Kind regards


  6. Hi Anne, ahhh, thanks for your kind words. Such nice comments left on this weeks blog.
    Glad you’re loving the variety and easy pay!

    Kind regards


  7. Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. It’s such a privilege to have a dog in our lives. A day never passes when they don’t make me smile or laugh!

    All the best


  8. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for your lovely comments and kind words. So kind. I know the others will appreciate too.

    All the best


  9. Hello Patricia! I remember the show all too well! I nearly lost it, completely, for the whole hour! The beauty of Live TV…. you never quite know what’s around the corner!

    All the best 🙂


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