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I hope you’re keeping safe and well. We’ve been occupying our time with lots of Netflix and iPlayer shows. Also, the most boring task of sorting out a filing cabinet! Just the thought of it makes me drowsy!

My Cairns have been making the most of our garden these last few weeks. They’ve abandoned the hole they’ve been focusing on over the last month and have started a new one. At some stage I will need to get ’round to filling them it and sowing some seeds. Either that or we’ve a readymade pond in place. In fact, several. Some of the holes are enormous. I keep hoping they’re going to find something exciting, like some old roman coins, worth a fortune…

In this week’s blog I thought it would be good to cover an offer, which ends at the end of the month. It’s the Comfort Cloud Tempur pillow which is being held at the Feature Price ’til the end of November. I was very kindly given a Tempur pillow by QVC to trial a while back. It is, without question for me, the best pillow I have ever used. To the extent that, when I go away, my Tempur pillow comes with me!

In all honesty if I hadn’t been asked to trial one, I probably wouldn’t consider the pillow. It is, definitely, a considered purchase. But then, I possibly would, as we have the money back guarantee. I have since bought one as a gift and it’s been really well received and when the time comes round for me, I will for sure, purchase another one for myself. I think it’s worth every penny.

So, what do I love about it? Well, firstly, all of the technical specification you’ll find on the product page which you can access here. But for me, as my head hits the pillow (I’m a back sleeper) the comfort comes and finds me as opposed to me shuffling around to find that ‘sweet spot’. My head feels beautifully cradled. It really has helped improve my night’s sleep and I find falling asleep a lot easier too because I’m so much more comfortable. One of our fashion guests asked me about it after seeing me on air with it recently and asked me if I really do think it is ‘that good’. I told her, I really do. So, she placed an order and opted for Easy Pay, interest-free instalments. I saw her a few weeks later. I was a little nervous to hear what she had to say. But she loves it and it’s made a massive difference to her night’s sleep too. Brilliant.

It is one of my favourite products from QVC for sure. As I said, it is a considered purchase, but you have that peace of mind of a 60 Day (or perhaps that should be 60 night) Money Back Guarantee. It’s on Easy Pay too. Currently on advanced order to be dispatched on the 30th of the month, but I think there’s a pretty good chance it could be sent out before then. It really is worth a try.

Ok, I’m feeling a bit sleepy now… I’m not kidding! Perhaps a small afternoon nap is in order!

Take care and I’ll see you soon.

Happy sleeping…

Charlie x

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  1. You are very lucky Charlie, Tempur will not send this item to Northern Ireland. I do not understand why this is the case, we are after all part of the United Kingdom!

  2. Hi charlie what’s up
    With qvc not sending products to the highlands no More wanted to order the pillow and loads of other things but qvc not delivering to highlands total shame as I’ve been qvc customer for years

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