Get in the festive spirit with our Christmas Preview


Granted, it’s very early to be wishing each other a Merry Christmas. But is it too early to start getting prepared?

In truth, many years ago I’d have said starting preparations this early is way too early. But, my mindset has changed completely and I love to get ahead when I can, to help lessen the rush leading up to the big day. And we’ve got a fabulous day coming up this Monday. I’ll get onto that in just a moment.

I think the earliest gift I’ve bought is eight months in advance. In fact, it was a birthday gift. A little shooting star gold necklace – the perfect present for a very special person. I was so glad I bought it and I popped it to one side. Actually, I hid it in a kitchen cupboard behind our Christmas place mats, a safe spot until the birthday came around. The present was adored, and to this day it’s a real favourite and means so much to us both.

So, our Christmas event is this coming on Monday 16th August. It’s set to be a really special day!

It all starts with Debbie at midnight and the fantastic Today’s Special Value offer from Alison Cork. Of course, you can catch the launch the evening before on Sunday at 9pm. Alison Cork’s Today’s Special Value offer is the Set of Three Candle Holders with LED Candles Collection.

The day ahead is glistening and sparkling with wonderful shows and you can catch the full line up with our TV guide.

Chloe takes care of the Christmas Morning Show. Somehow, Craig has managed to land himself an hour of Hotel Chocolat at 1pm! I wonder if I’m able to sneak into the hour? Andi Peters’ Food Fest is back as well. I’m on at 6pm with Gifts for Family and Friends, then again at 7pm with Deck the Halls. Other shows to watch out for include JM Home by Julien Macdonald and Yankee Candles.

It’s set to be a magical day. Some of the star products of the day which have caught our attention include the Perfect Present 28 Piece Christmas Giftbag and Tag Collection, the Mr Christmas Mercury Glass Kaleidoscope Tree and Alison Cork’s Sugar Spruce Christmas Tree. 


We also love Home Reflections’ Set of 3 Pre-Lit Glass Angels and this Festive Pre-Lit Crackle Glass Christmas Character.


Do tune in for some festive fun and escapism and keep an eye out for great offers online as well, via the web or QVC App.

Take care and see you soon.

Charlie x

PS… Merry Christmas! I couldn’t resist! xx

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  1. I love Christmas I make up the inside of my flat with as much as possible and have a table in my hall with some stuff I bought from qvc and other things even if I say so it look good

  2. I remember when you first started at QVC Charlie as I have shopped there for years snd years and still have my cobblestone rolled gold ring that everyone comments on. I love the Christmas gifts you advertise and look forward to seeing them. Clothes I have also bought but mainly from Kim & Co and Nicole. Julia Roberts was the first person I saw on QVC. So I hope you carry on with all the special value gifts leading up to Christmas and following that the New Year. My best wishes to you and all the Team xx

  3. Nice blog Charlie. You are right the expense of Christmas means it is wise to start early. My wife is a huge fan of QVC so I am a fellow passenger. My only regret is they do not sell men’s quality attire. I have to rely on the likes of Brooke’s Taverner etc for my mail order clothes.

  4. I bought the ceramic tree last year and wish I’d ordered two!!! It was fabulous. Already bought tsv a few weeks ago for Christmas so looking forward to more goodies!!!

  5. Hi Charlie,
    I would like to contact you so that i can send you a design I have for a diamonique ring. I am not very good with technology, so I can’t do twitter. How can I contact you ?
    Hope you can help.
    Many Thanks

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