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I hope you’re doing as best you can during this second wave of lockdown. I don’t think there’s much more clearing or sorting through our house we can do right now… it’s all a bit exhausted. Although, we did go through the shoe cupboard. Not the biggest highlight of the week, that’s for sure, but it’s all a little better organised now!

I’m a little late to the scene, but whilst browsing the BBC iPlayer, I recently discovered Ambulance. Well, I’ve always been in utter awe of our emergency services, but now it has gone to a whole new level. The high levels of skill, dedication, care and passion in what these amazing people do, runs deep to the very core. The show is extremely well produced and filmed and is edited sensitively too. Full credit to the BBC. Do you have any TV recommendations?

So, we’ve just had what feels like a relentless run of fireworks being set off these last few days. I’ll be honest. I used to love them. But now, I loathe them. Having to deal with the impact they have on one of my Cairns is very upsetting. When I hold Misty, she shivers relentlessly. We have to make her a little ‘den’ or ‘nest’ where she feels a little more protected and secure. In some respects, Misty is lucky as she has us to comfort her and keep her safe. But I think of animals in the wild where support and comfort is impossible to come by. Also, there are those with medical conditions such as PTSD who can be affected by fireworks and then of course there’s the impact on the environment with all the waste that falls to the ground. You’re probably sensing, I’m not a fan anymore. I’m sure I read somewhere that ‘non bang’ fireworks are available?

Ok, that to one side. Lots of exciting things happening here at QVC. Do, check out our homepage for all the latest offers, voucher promotions, Today’s Special Value offers and Big Deals etc… And, If you love a competition and happen to be ordering a qualifying piece of jewellery from the Fire Light Diamonds range, then this competition is worth taking a look at. You could be in with a chance of winning these stunning earnings. Find out more here.

I have lots of fabulous shows to look forward to as well, as we head closer and closer towards the month of December. I’ll keep you posted on twitter of the shows I have lined up. You can catch me @mecharliebrook.

Also, if you’re in need of a new mattress, we have a fantastic Today’s Special Value on Monday 16th November. Launching the night before at 9pm is the Sealy Activsleep Memory 1000 mattress – 812139. The specification is brilliant and simply remarkable for the price. And, of course, from a name synonymous in what they do for over 100 years now. Plus, you have a 60 Day (or should I say night) Money Back Guarantee, so you literally get to sleep on the decision as to whether you keep it or not!

Take care, stay safe, and catch up soon.

Charlie x


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  1. Hello Charlie
    I am totally with you on fireworks !! why do they go on for days after ? just have them on the one night please , my dog is ok inside the house while they are on but hates going outside on his own we have to take him on the lead and he spends as little time outside as he can.
    Talking of sorting out how sad is this in the first lockdown we sorted out the kitchen we have just done it again and now all our tins etc are in alphabetical order!! i have just ordered the 130 piece hotel chocolat tsv i don`t think i have enough space to do the same with them so will just have to eat them instead, happy days!
    take care

  2. I’m with you Charlie hate fireworks and always think of the poor animals that are in the fields. I am very lucky and live in a village of very considerate doggie people. I honestly have not heard a firework at all. Don’t get me wrong I think that they are great at organised events. I hope your doggies are both fully recovered and back to their happy selves. x
    Just received my TSV Elemis collection and can’t wait to use it.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Jackie, all that chocolate! Lucky you! Enjoy!

    I am impressed, alphabetical order in your cupboard. It just gets shoved in there, in our house, and we hope for the best!

    The animals in the wild must really struggle with the flashing lights and all those bangs. Heartbreaking to think of them so afraid. Take care and stay safe.


  4. Hi Janet, thanks for your message.

    Enjoy your fabulous Elemis TSV. You did very well, it sold out fairly early on in the day.

    Take care.


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