Gardening and rediscovering my favourite snack!


I hope the month of June is going well for you and you’re keeping safe and well.

I’ve been enjoying a few quiet days at home. Pottering about with a bit of DIY and doing a spot of gardening. Well, cutting the grass, that’s about it! On another note though, I’ve suddenly grown a real love for spaghetti hoops on toast with grated cheddar cheese on top! Not sure why, but out of the blue I yearned for it and it’s become a favourite bite to eat all of a sudden. Simple, quick, and tasty… in fact, having written this, I’m tempted to break open another tin!

I recently made another purchase from QVC. Not for me, but for my mum. After chatting to her – I sent her the Margaret Dabbs London – Foot Hygiene Cream. My mum is loving it, and out of the 130 reviews, 113 are five stars.

In between ordering from QVC and devouring another plate of toast, hoops and cheese, I’ve enjoyed more walks with my Cairns. We went down by the river and they were both fixated on the ducks and their ducklings. I could have watched them for hours, ducking and diving into the water. Fabulous. My dogs didn’t quite know what to make of them – I’m sure they’ve seen ducklings before? Maybe not?

Some exciting news for me at QVC as well. I submitted a new design to the Diamonique team earlier in the year and they’ve come back with a concept drawing. I’m thrilled with how it’s looking so far. I’ve just proposed one small addition. I won’t say anymore just yet, not because I’m being all secretive, but I’m just waiting for it to get the final go ahead. You’ll be the first to hear about it on the blog, but it’ll probably be a few months yet. Fingers crossed!

Plenty of great shows to look out for at QVC. And, this coming Monday the 15th we have the brilliant Grumpy Gardner Multi-Headed Rake Broom as our Today’s Special Value offer. Which, of course, launches the evening before at 9pm.

Do take care, stay safe and well, and as occupied as you can.

I’m still loving ‘The Repair Shop’ on the iPlayer. Highly recommended… whilst tucking into hoops on toast with cheese!

See you soon

Charlie x

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  1. Hi Charlie. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Always enjoy reading your blogs makes me smile every time. You are a great presenter. I am making lunch for me and my husband. We are trying out your recipe. I am going to get the new rake broom. Take care and enjoy your time with your family and the dogs. God bless you. Antoinette

  2. Hello Antoinette,

    Thank you so much for your lovely message and kind words. Let me know what you think of the simple tasty snack!! I love a strong cheddar!


    all the best


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