Magic in the air and the all-new Amazon Fire!


Well, we’re well into December and I’m loving all the festive shows at QVC. We have fun all year round, but there’s an extra sprinkling of magic in the air when we reach December at Q!

Let me start with a thank you and a small confession. Our wonderful guest and dear friend at QVC, Gill Gauntlet, very kindly gave me a chocolate advent calendar last week. So, a big thank you to Gill. It was totally unexpected and I’m so grateful. The small confession is, by day seven I have now eaten all 24 days! What can I say, the little doors were begging to be opened, honestly. So tasty!

I’ve enjoyed a few days off work, chilling and relaxing and watching lots of TV. I ploughed through the last five episodes of Money Heist on Netflix. I almost completed it in one sitting, except for a brief pause for the take away delivery. It was a perfect Friday night in.

We have some perfect days and evenings ahead with QVC, too.

This Saturday 11th December sees the Amazon Today’s Special Value Offer go to air (launching the night before at 9pm). It’s the all-new Fire HD10 Tablet 10.1″, with a 32GB SD card, and, also included, a Caseable voucher. We’re all really excited about this fantastic Today’s Special Value. I’m really hoping it lasts the day and is there to feature in my Saturday show at 5pm.

Before my hour of tech, though, I’m thrilled to be on air with JM by Julien Macdonald Fashion at 3pm.

So, plenty to watch out for and look forward to with QVC. As always, everything you order from QVC, whether it be Fashion, Food, DIY, Tech, Jewellery or Beauty, is covered by our 60-day money back guarantee.

Remember to visit our home page to see the speedy links to the likes of the Big Deals as well.

Something I was on air with recently which I think will make a brilliant gift is the iBeani iPad, Tablet and eReader Bean Bag. Such a clever but simple idea and so useful. I’ve been trying it out over the last few days and wouldn’t be without it now.

Ok, time to sign off. I’m writing this from my kitchen and I’ve just noticed a very lonely mince pie, sat all by itself on the kitchen counter. Not sure whose it is, no doubt another confession I’ll be making tomorrow 🙂

Take care,

Charlie x

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