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Well, it feels like another week has raced by and I hope this blog finds you keeping safe and well. I think one of the challenges for many of us at the moment is staying occupied. Well, I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts from the BBC, loving the iPlayer and Netflix, and reading more than ever. In fact, I’ve just finished Jackie Kabler’s latest book, The Perfect Couple. It’s a brilliant psychological crime thriller. I’ll say no more, I wouldn’t dream of even hinting to any spoilers. It’s a really fantastic read and has superb reviews.

Another favourite author of mine is Lee Child and the Jack Reacher series. I’m also prone to steering myself back to the Harry Potter books which I just adore. We used to queue up outside of Waterstones on the night of the book release. It was great fun. We’re also filling our time with more of our favourite board games too.

I’ve made a number of purchases over the last week or so from QVC as well. One for me and two for others who I’m missing dearly right now. So, I’ve sent a couple of treats from QVC to them.

I was on air recently with the FixMe Stick and decided to buy it for my Mac. It’s a great item and brilliantly easy to use. The Windows PC version will hopefully be back in stock soon. You can find out about it right here. So that was the purchase for me and my Mac.

I haven’t seen my mum for ages and it’s going to be quite some time, by the sounds of it, before I do. Well, she caught me presenting the Skechers show last week and said how much she liked a particular pair of the sandals. She was adamant she’d pay me back for them if I could order them for her. Well, I did order them, they’ve arrived, she loves them, but I’m not letting her pay me back!

Then, there’s my most recent purchase. I can’t say who they’re going to as they haven’t arrived yet and they may be reading this blog. Needless to say, I may have to order some for myself now. The deliciously divine, Gower Cottage Brownies! Original. They’re so good. Just writing about them is making my mouth water. With a green tea, just perfect!

Anyway, do take care, stay safe and I’ll catch you on air again very soon.

Charlie x



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  1. Hi Charlie,

    Glad to hear you are well and looking after those you love. I watched your Lola Rose show with Nikki the other day & you had me in stitches. Would love to know what the major blooper a few years ago was!

    Take care and keep up the good work : )

    Joanna x

  2. Hello Pamela!

    The dogs will feature soon! Maybe even with a little video too! So glad you like seeing them!

    All the best


  3. Hey Joanna, glad you enjoy watching the shows!

    There have been many bloopers over the years! I wonder which one I was referring to? I’m wracking my brains!!

    Take care


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