Nintendo, dogs, blossom, in the mix…


I hope you’re keeping safe and well during these truly unprecedented times. I know, for so many of us, it’s extremely challenging, and for so many different reasons. My thoughts and warmest wishes are with you, your friends, family and loved ones.

We’ve all been really touched, at QVC, by the wonderful feedback we’ve had from so many viewers who are enjoying the company of QVC. Even if you’re not looking to shop with us it’s great to know you’re there tuning in. We’re loving your company too. Thank you. x

Full credit to the amazing teams who are keeping us safe at QVC. It’s running like a military operation… until I’m on air, that is! Ok, so what do I mean by that? Well, you may be familiar with the fantastic floor managers who switch over the product when we’re on air. Now that social distancing is in place, when I present a jewellery show for example, the designs are very kindly laid out on a table, to my side, for me to change over during the show myself. On more than one occasion though I’ve dropped something, banged a table, or moved something by mistake! I’ve always valued our superb backstage team… and if possible, I value them more than ever. Sorry for my clumsiness!

So, we’re all spending a lot of time at home. Are you managing to keep busy? I’ve painted the bathroom and been clearing and sorting on a scale like never before! And, a couple of things really made my day this week. Firstly, I’m a huge fan of the mockumentary ‘This Country’. You can find it on the BBC iPlayer. A little heads up though, the language is quite colourful. In truth, it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t! I think it’s pure genius and there’s three series for you to devour. And what really made my day (being such a massive fan) was to see that we have a tray which is identical to the one seen in Kerry’s kitchen! We’re chuffed to bits!

I also came across my old mini disc player. I haven’t seen it for ages. I also found some discs and that became one, very happy and merry, trip down memory lane.

Dance music Club Country promo mix

Charlie Brook Sound Designer: Essential Selection promo

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Before TV, I worked in radio for many years. I presented on the radio a fair bit but production was what I did a great deal of – and I loved every second of it. I used to be the sound designer for Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on Radio 1. Here’s a promo from one of the mini discs I made for that show. It’s from over 20 years ago and it still sounds pretty fresh. I’m trying to figure out how many different tracks I beat matched and mixed for that promo? Half a dozen maybe? They were brilliant days. I also worked on the mixes for Mark Goodier’s show and subsequently ‘In the Mix’ albums for Virgin Music. Some of the best days, without question, of my career.

So, while sorting out the inside of the house, my two Cairn Terriers are sorting out the back garden, by digging holes. At this rate we’ll have a swimming pool for the summer! I’ve no idea what’s down there but they keep revisiting the same hole and keep digging… it’s relentless. At least, while they’re digging, I can enjoy the blossom on our cherry tree which is just starting to bloom.

Back indoors, we’ve also rediscovered the Nintendo Wii. We packed it away a few years back when decorating… why did we do that? It’s been the best source of entertainment. Every time we complete a level we scream for joy! Apologies to our neighbours. I think we can be heard halfway down the street!

Between all of that… Netflix, the BBC iPlayer, games and puzzles, we’re managing to keep ourselves occupied as best we can.

Once again, thank you so much for being with QVC. It’s lovely to know you’re there, watching us and keeping us company too. If you’d like to get in touch when I’m on air – that would be great. I’m on twitter @mecharliebrook.

In the meantime, do take care, stay safe, and I’ll see you soon.

Charlie x


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  1. Hi Charlie.
    Are YOU sure the cairns have dug the hole ???? it looks like a BIG foot print too me ???
    Your mishaps [ along with a few other presenters ] brings a lot of fun and laughter [ we all need that at the moment. ]
    WOW your cherry tree has a lot of blossom on. My 2 apple trees have only buds on.
    I also has a sharp mini player but mine was for a tape. showing my age.
    Take care.

  2. Glad you and your family are ok, Charlie. Love watching you, and QVC is keeping so many of us sane at the moment! I just enjoy the company when I’m pottering around indoors … and often can’t resist ordering.
    Stay safe and well x

  3. Hi Charlie

    Good to see you and the family are well and staying sane. I’m sure the adorable doggo’s are keeping you highly entertained, much like you and the rest of your colleagues at QVC are doing for the nation 🙂 You are by far my sister’s and my favourite presenter – you are just too funny on air! I am 200 miles away from my sister Chrissy right now and it will probably be some time before I can visit her 🙁 Like you, she also used to be a radio producer and presenter and loved it. I’m currently working like crazy at home trying to write my dissertation and complete various assessments to finish my 4 year degree. I am a mum and mature student doing a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science, hoping to graduate in a few months to become a clinical microbiologist, and work in an NHS lab dealing with Covid-19 patient samples, amongst many other pathogens.

    Keep on entertaining us Charlie and stay safe,

    Karen x

  4. I love hearing about your dogs, and seeing pictures of them. It’s a time when many of us are reminiscing, as you are. My ex-husband has COPD and is in isolation, with friends helping with shopping. For many years I’ve hated him, but now I can see that we were both very young when we married, and had a baby. I realise that I must share the responsibility for things going wrong. I wish him well, and hope he comes through this pandemic. My very best wishes to you and your family

  5. Hey Debby, now there’s a thought, perhaps it is a footprint… but of what? I think between us we can bring you lots of mishaps! Enjoys your Apple trees!

    Take care


  6. Hi Cherry and thanks for your kind comments. It’s lovely to know your watching and keeping us company too!

    Take care


  7. Hi Karen and thank you so much for your message. I am in utter awe of the profession you’re choosing. I’ve always been so proud of our amazing NHS. It has taken care of me and my family on so many occasions from paramedics, to overnights stays in hospital, and many tests over the years too. Good luck with your chosen profession. Amazing! And, THANK YOU!

    Also, hello to your sister and thank you so much for your kind words. It means a great deal. What station did she work for? Radio can be some of the best fun ever!

    I hope it’s not too long before we can all see our loved ones again

    Take care


    1. Hi Charlie
      Thank you for your kind words and best wishes. I’m still pushing on with my final studies, submitted a cancer biology assignment yesterday, so satisfying to tick another one off the list! Now currently working on medical parasitology – there’s some rather interesting though gruesome looking tapeworms in the literature I’m viewing 😮

      My sister Chrissy used to work for a BBC Wales radio station in NE Wales, before moving to a local independent station which was later encompassed into Heart Radio. She much preferred producing to presenting her own late night show.

      I’m pretty impressed with the new haircut btw – they’ve done a good job! 🙂 Thanks to QVC and Color Wow, I’m managing to cover the dreaded re-growth.

      I am sooo excited for Diamonique Day, especially as you are presenting the launch show 🙂 – Chrissy & me will be watching, albeit from opposite sides of the country. I thought it wasn’t going to happen this April, as it usually (and rather conveniently) falls on or near my birthday, so delighted its coming! I have been wearing and loving Diamonique for over 17 years, and no, I never tell people it’s not real 😉 I have an amazing collection of over 150 pieces (I’ve stopped counting!) and love each and every one of them. I am amazed at all the new and fresh designs QVC continually showcase – I am loving the new vintage range, simply stunning.

      And as for TV recommendations, I really enjoy Killing Eve. A new series of which has just started on the BBC, and iplayer are streaming older series of. If you haven’t watched it I think it would appeal to your wicked and dry sense of humour. The female assassin, villanelle (played by the wonderfully talented Jodie Comer), has rather comical and novel ways of dispensing with her targets.

      Do stay safe and well Charlie, and keep up the good work entertaining us and keeping some sense of normality in people’s lives. #QVCAlwaysWithYou

      Take care

      Karen x

  8. Hi Sylvia,

    Thank you so much for your message. It really moved me. Sending your ex husband my warmest wishes and you too.

    Do take care and I’ll be sure to post more pictures of my mischievous Cairns.


  9. Hey Karen,

    Studying tapeworm… now there’s a thought! I’m so impressed with your line of work that you’re pursuing. Best of luck.

    Warmest wishes to your sister. I love presenting TV and Radio but (and don’t mention it to QVC!) my greatest strength is production. I have so many great memories.

    So glad to hear how much you love your diamonique from QVC. That’s quite a collection you have there! I’m really looking forward to launching the special day we have lined up.

    Killing Eve, is on the list.

    Take care

    All the best


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