Reminiscing, and raising money for the N.E.T.

Hello, I hope this week’s blog finds you safe and well.

I’ve enjoyed a few relaxed days off. I planned to do a spot of DIY but it seemed a really good idea not to! Instead, lots of games, plenty of TV and food, and a trim and tidy up for my Cairn Terriers!

I was also rummaging through the cupboard under my stairs and rediscovered my very first computer from 35 years ago! My Sinclair Spectrum 16k. I also found some of the games which you loaded by cassette. Hungry Horace, Horace Goes Skiing and Jetpack were among the favourites. Brilliant. I also found my very first ‘digital’ personal organiser! It features a calendar, schedule, memo and phone number storage. What ‘old’ tech have you hung on to? Last year I bought myself a fabulous 1970’s record player. I love it and it’s still sounding strong.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how this year marks my thirtieth year in the business. It’s the biggest cliché but it’s true when I say – it only feels like yesterday when I first stepped into the radio station on the Isle of Wight to compile the travel news, be station runner, and for me, absorb and learn as much as I possibly could.

A year later, almost to the day, I was presenting the overnight show from 1 ’til 6. I loved it. I also made the station commercials, promos and in time moved onto the evening show. In the coming years presented all the shows at one time or another.

My time there wasn’t without its mishaps though. The biggest being, the time I took the radio station off air during peak listening of the breakfast show. I’d popped into engineering to change over the logging tape. Unbeknown to me though, I knocked a chair, which knocked a ladder, which knocked a switch, which took us off air! Thankfully, they were very understanding. Well, at least, I think they were. A very good friend of mine there, who’d been in the business for many years, came to my defence saying the switch shouldn’t have been exposed like that. He had a point.

So, thirty years later, and with lots of TV and Radio behind me, I’m still loving my time at QVC. And, as always, we have so much to look forward to.

The homepage of our website is always a great place to visit. It’s constantly being updated with the latest Today’s Special Value offering, Big Deals and exciting offers.

Right now though, for me, the most important link on our homepage is the link to the National Emergencies Trust. QVC is supporting this truly incredible charity. We have already pledged £50,000 and, if you’re able to help, we’d love to reach our overall target of £200,000. And, for every £1 you donate, we will match with another £2 until we reach, the £200,000 target. It’s really exciting to check in and see the money climb. You can find out more by following the link and how the money is going to some of the most vulnerable during these very challenging times. Thank you.

I’ve lots of lovely shows on the way in the coming weeks – I do hope you can join me. Also, if you love the wide selection of food, drink and tasty treats we have on offer at QVC, well, we have a voucher code running for the month of May to give you three easy payments on a wide selection. FOOD3Z. You can find out more right here.

Take care, and I’ll see you soon.

Charlie x

4 Responses

  1. Hi Charlie.
    Oh dear Misty and Bramble won’t thank you for the dodgy fir cut………. by their face they aren’t very happy with you.
    They’ll get you back believe me. Loved the picture.
    By the way you did a good job on you own hair cut [ not easy cutting your own hair ].
    Take care

  2. At least you tried with Misty and Bramble. My 2 shih tzus won’t let me anywhere near them with a pair of scissors. But joy of joys, the groomers opened today and they are having haircuts right now. I can’t remember when I was last this happy!

  3. Hey Debby, I don’t think they were too impressed but they’re grateful now that we have all this hot weather!!

    I think I’m due for another little trim now!

    All the best


  4. Hello Helen!

    Glad they’ve had their trim! My two have never been to the groomers, I’ve kidded myself that I’m a professional at this now!

    So good to have the trim now that the temperatures are soaring!

    All the best


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