Two Cairn Terriers promote a Christmas offer

Hiya and Merry Christmas to you!

If you’ve caught me on air over the last few weeks – you may have heard me mention how two very mischievous Cairn Terriers have taken on the role of TV promotion!

It’s no secret my favourite on air video clip is the short intro we use to take us to a QVC Christmas Offer. It’s brilliant, featuring a small dog pulling on the ribbon of a Christmas present.

Well, how hard can it be? As it happens, with two cheeky Cairns, very hard! We were on a tight time frame, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

But, be warned, it was low budget with few props! I hope you like it. I love it!

I wonder if acting dogs qualify for equity!!?

Well, keep watching out for Christmas offers. The home page of our website is the perfect place to regularly visit to check out the latest Today’s Special Value offer, Festive Find, Big Deals, and so much more!

Also, Christmas gifts are covered by our extended money-back guarantee to the 25th January 2020.

I placed a couple of orders over the weekend myself… I can’t say too much in case prying eyes check in on my blog, other than to say one of the purchases was Liz Earle… I’ve said too much!

Happy Christmas Shopping with QVC!!

Charlie  x

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  1. that really cheered me up on a Monday afternoon!!!
    i also have a cairn terrier all i can say is if they are anything like mine lots of treats and bribes were involved??
    absolutely adorable ,well done .

  2. Hi Charlie. OMG. Your video is FANTASTIC. We all agree it’s MUCH BETTER than the official QVC one. I know a certain little one would have loved it. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.
    Take care. Debby

  3. Brilliant! Best thing I’ve seen on ‘TV’ all season. I too have a cairn and she won’t do anything without a biscuit. Well, sometimes she will just take the biscuit literally and metaphorically!!!

  4. Hello Jackie!!

    Hey Jackie, Thanks for your lovely comment… aren’t they the most AMAZING breed! Cheeky, stubborn and so, so funny! I adore them!

    What’s yours called? Send me a picture if you can on twitter @mecharliebrook.

    All the best and merry Christmas !!


  5. Hello Charlie, thank you for your lovely blog. That was beautiful. I played it over so many times. Thank you
    Merry Christmas. Antoinette

  6. Hi Charlie,
    Aw this is just too adorable 😍😍, Two talented little girls, I hope you’ve got them both agents, they’re going to be big stars 😊 Have a fantastic Christmas 🎄🎅
    Diane x

  7. Love your dogs they make special friends I have a cairn too just so funny and I love him x have a wonderful xmas to you and yor dogs

  8. Hello Charlie…really lovely video and your two little cairns are absolutely delightful. Hope you, your family and the two new video stars (please try and bring them onto a cozee home show sometime !!!) have a lovely Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Shouldn’t have watched this with a Gatineau tightening face mask on. I’m all cracked up! Great video, happy Christmas!

  10. Hi Charlie FAB i was watching on the afternoon of the 10th Dec when Charlie Bears was viewing. Merry Christmas to you and your Dog’s and Family. Happy 2020 to you all

  11. Well done to your two lovely cairns, they had sooo much patience with you, they’ll be presenting Diamonique next!!😀

  12. Hi Charlie. I haven’t had anything to smile about for well over a year now (the worst 16 months ) but have just had to smile at your too cute Cairns. Thank you.

  13. Fantastic Charlie I absolutely love your cairn terriers they are adorable !! I have watched it 4 times and I am sure I will watch it again. You have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year x

  14. Oh Charlie, I laughed and cried. I lost my dear cairn, Jack, 3yrs ago and am always drawn to cairns when I see them. I’m VERY impressed you got them to do ANYTHING as they are their own people (well dogs!), doing what they like! Even sitting on the chairs is miraculous. Very nostalgic and I agree MUCH better than the trained professional pooch! Xx

  15. They are adorable Charlie. How did you keep them on the chairs looking at the screen for duration? Very entertaining video. Loved it.

  16. Just magical, brilliant made me smile …..I hope they got treats …..I understand how doggies bring so much joy I have two Boxer boys James and Tom (Brown) ha ha …..have a great christmas

  17. Hello Marcia, what a compliment, thank you! They are the most amazing breed aren’t they! So cheeky!

    All the best


  18. Thanks Mandy for you reply, it’s lovely to hear from so many Cairn Terrier owners, you don’t see them that often. They’re so special!

    All the best


  19. Hi Susan, thank you. I wonder if QVC would like to use it!!? It did get a little airtime a few days ago!



  20. Hi Sue, thank you!

    They went on air a few years ago… maybe it’s time to bring them back in!

    All the best


  21. Hi Denise,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your really difficult times. Sending you my warmest of wishes. I’m glad the Cairns were able to give you a smile.

    Do take care.


  22. Hi Claire, thank you for watching, again, again, again and again!! I’m really touched.
    Merry Christmas!

    They did a sterling job!!

    All the best


  23. Hi Kathryn,

    So sorry for the loss of your Cairn, Jack. They’re the world to us aren’t they.
    They are the most amazing of breeds. I love them. Cheeky, naughty, stubborn and so loyal! I could go on…

    Thanks for enjoying the video.

    All the best


  24. Dear Charlie your girls are adorable and I thinks Qvc bosses should fine some airtime soon. Hope you and family have a great Christmas

  25. Oh Charlie they are brilliant. I have 3 Yorkies who are very cheekie, they loved this, sat quietly watchingLoL👍👍👍😀😀🥶

  26. Dear Charlie, Oh My! Your girls are so sweet, so adorable and wonderful to watch. Little stars, oh yes indeed! Thank you so much for sharing. Made me smile!

  27. How did I miss this Charlie, adorable, loved watching them, they are sooooo cute. How many pressies do they have for Christmas? I’ve counted 14 for my two at the moment and there’s still a day to go, woo hoo.

    Wishing you and the family a lovely Christmas xx

  28. Hi Charlie I loved watching the video of your two dogs they look so cute I look forward to watching you on qvc happy belated Christmas and happy New year from Geraldine Carron

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