Winter mornings and brilliant Shark offer

Hello, I hope you’ve had a great weekend and week so far!

Quick question… where is February disappearing to? I’m loving the fact that the evenings are getting lighter and it won’t be too long now until the clocks move forward as well…  it’s racing by! I do love winter, and I especially love cold, crisp, winter mornings, but I do struggle with the very few hours of daylight at this time of the year.

I’ve enjoyed a few days off from work, and spent some time at the gym believe it or not! I didn’t plan to – but I did renew my membership and I’ve been going quite regularly. To be fair though, most of my time is spent between the pool, jacuzzi, steam room or sauna!

I’ve also taken my Cairns on some beautiful early morning walks of late. They’ve been really well behaved, although last Tuesday they rolled in something… I really wish they hadn’t! If you’re a dog owner you’ll no doubt know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ll say no more!

Have you browsed our website lately? It’s always worth checking in to see the weekly Big Deals and the home page always features other great suggestions and ideas too.

Many fabulous shows to look out for – and we’ve got a brilliant TSV coming up on Tuesday 25th February. It’s the Shark DuoClean Anti Allergen True Pet & Flexology Cordless Vacuum. Wow! It’s quite a title isn’t it. It sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to see the presentation with Phil Parker.

I’m on with it later in the day, but be sure to catch the launch the evening before at 9pm!

Have a great week and do stay safe in all this turbulent weather.

Charlie x

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  1. Oh yes Charlie….know the “eau de Renard” aroma! You can get a shampoo to neutralise the “parfam” 😂😂😂

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