Al fresco glow!

Isn’t it lovely when you feel at your best? Or as the influencers of this world say, ‘living your best life’. Well that’s my mission for the next few weeks, a slow and manageable transition to glowing!

I’ve upped my exercise game recently with morning HIIT sessions three times a week and some weights, plus I’m still bike riding and going for lovely riverside walks with Ted.

My nutrition has taken a really good turn and I’m eating really healthily, opting for fish for each evening meal which is easily digestible and full of omegas. It’s officially the summer which means I can’t help but marinade everything and throw it on the BBQ, it’s actually a healthy way to cook and I love being outside. In fact, I’ve now even bought a stove for outside so I can cook everything in the open air. I’m a huge fan of al fresco dining so why not al fresco cook too!

My supplements no longer sit in the cupboard in boxes, I remember to take them everyday especially Imedeen for my hair and skin. Change of lifestyle can have a detrimental effect on both of these so supplements really help. I’ve also started taking Tumeric tablets from the Naked Pharmacy and they have worked wonders with my aching hip, they also offer great advice and support if you want to ask questions about taking them with other medication. The reviews from customers back up what I’m saying too, have a read. You can’t glow if you’ve got aches and pains!

I’m really enjoying my downtime too, again my ideal way to relax is outside in the garden enjoying a bit of sunshine whilst reading a book or pottering doing some gardening. I’ve recently planted up some strawberries and a herb garden so hopefully it won’t be long before these are in a fresh homegrown salad.

I’ve now got my own growing supply of chilli, mint, rosemary, chamomile, basil, coriander and lavender; there’s nothing quite like home grown. During garden time I’ve picked up a lovely safe tan using Ultra Sun SPF 30 Tan Activator, I never burn and I’ve developed an even tan with little sun exposure. It’s one of my favourite products at QVC UK.

For an extra boost to the skin and senses, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Today’s Special Value (TSV) of the GloPro Microstimulation Facial Tool from Beauty Bio on the 4th of June, which really aids the skin to look it’s best plus maximising efficacy of all of your current topical skincare products.

This clever beauty innovation has been designed to help gently exfoliate surface skin cells and refine the look of your complexion, coming with five Prep Pads to help cleanse your skin and prepare it for your treatment, along with one marble Face MicroTip head and one white MicroTip head. With micro-needling, red LED and VibroTactile stimulation technologies, using Beauty Bio’s GloPro is like treating your skin to a salon-style facial.

Serious skincare technology – the GloPro MicroTip heads are crafted from a surgical steel alloy blend, and feature tiny micro-needles that work to gently pass over your skin to help stimulate, exfoliate and encourage a natural glow.

Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, create your own glow for the summer!

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    I love your blogs! So uplifting and straight to the point. I’m impressed at your health and fitness routine but then you are very fit anyway. I wish I had time for it all! I’m impressed at your herbs too. What are you going to do with them? I don’t think I’d use enough to grow them. How’s ted in the London heat? Hope he’s ok. Have you clipped him?! Keep safe. Susan x

  2. Hi Chloe, thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. I enjoy reading them. Those dishes looks yummy. I am also trying to eat healthy. I’m a 69 years old young lady and try to stay as healthy I can. You are such an inspirational lady. I have been shopping lot’s buying plants, presents for the family, home and treating myself. Thanks to Qvc for the easy pays. I am going to try some of your dishes. Stay safe. Antoinette

  3. Hi Chloe,I do love the energy from your blogs but have to confess I have no idea what any of your exercises are apart from lunges(joey from friends springs to mind!Haha)…At 53 I do have my own glow but I think that’s more menopausal :(….I love the laughs you all have on screen and really appreciate you all for carrying on,I’ve purchased some gorgeous gift s on easy pay in the last few weeks,I’ve been working throughout and qvc is a great distraction…Big hugs Debbie xx

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