BST means BBQ!

Now the clocks have changed and gone forwards, it’s officially British Summer Time and some of us (depending on where you live) had a little taste of summer with a mini heatwave with temperatures nearing 20 degrees last week. If you’re interested, there was also a full super moon and with it a lighter feeling in the atmosphere. I’m going to tell this little story so we are reminded of the necessity of the moon and her super powers.

Recently a giant mega-ship was wedged in the Suez Canal for six days, the low tides added to the problem and meant it was stuck holding up hundreds of cargo and livestock ships. After mankind had tried almost everything, the full moon came and she brought a super high tide which finally freed the mega ship, allowing goods to be transported again. The point is, the moon did in one night what the people and machines couldn’t do in six days. Anyway, food for thought.

With all of the lighter nights and positivity it just makes me want to be outside in the garden, enjoying the fresh air, tending to the flowers and grass and barbequing. I’ve a whole bunch of preparation jobs and tidying to do in the garden plus the grass need its first mow and the BBQ needs its annual super clean! I also have to deal with a big bald patch on the grass where the paddling pool sat for the entire summer denying the grass of oxygen, sunlight and water. As much as I loved having the cold paddling pool to plunge into in the hot summer it has completely killed off the grass. I’m going to attack it with Richard Jackson’s Grass Seed, then do some maintenance with his Lawn Magic (at the time of writing Lawn Magic has over 110 five star reviews!). For most of us the lawn is the focal point of the garden and I’ve got to say I love going bare foot on the grass, it’s incredibly grounding. I’ll do a before and after and post it in a few blogs time.

I also can’t wait to get back to barbequing. I’d quite like a book with some recipe ideas, any recommendations are welcome? I love to marinade everything from fish to lean meats then serve with griddled veg or shredded lettuce and cucumber. Healthy, tasty, light and fresh. I also have a recipe for my ultimate summer salad dressing: freshly squeezed lemon, limes, white wine vinegar, chopped chilli and finely chopped garlic, then salt and pepper. It’s punchy, tasty and will ramp up your salad game. If you really want to blow your socks off, double up of the lemon juice, garlic and chillies and feel free to substitute or mix up your choice of vinegar with red wine vinegar, apple cider or even regular malt. Wash it all down with a G & T, ice cold rose or delicious elderflower cordial. Welcome to summer 2021!

Oh and somebody beat me to the hairdressers…

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  1. Hi Chloe
    Just watched a Kim n Co programme where you demo’d/talked about your pendulum and the full moon to ‘charge’ it – Fantastic – and so lovely to see the ‘younger’ ones are now accepting and embracing the power of crystals and energy generally….. AND I so look forward to seeing a programme where YOU and others can offer products which emphasize the power of colour – its energies and how we can benefit from even a little of say RED tones and the healing benefits of Green or Blues for communication! and of course anything with Crystals – bigger the better – Most of which has been proven and not just intuition ! x

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