Celebrations galore and great offers!

What a month it’s been, non-stop actually!

I’ve not had a chance to stop and breathe or even write a blog. I’ve literally bounded from one event and country to the next! It would actually rank a 10/10 for the busiest and most hectic, fun, wonderful month for a long time.

There’s been family time, parties of all descriptions, weddings, birthdays, engagements and most of these were abroad, on top of that it was my own birthday on 25th August so I really don’t know how I fit it all in and worked at QVC on top.

Here are some highlights…

I had my family down to visit just before my birthday. It was so lovely to see my Dad is still improving after a terrible bout of ill health. He’s much more mobile, has the colour back in his cheeks and seemed so much more like his old self after a year of fighting nasty super bug infections.

We enjoyed some lovely family meals at local restaurants and laughed lots reminiscing on crazy things we’ve seen, done and been involved in over the years. Do you ever feel like it’s always your table that’s the noisiest in the restaurant? Or is it just me and my family and friends?!

We’re not obnoxious or oblivious, but we just find ourselves in roaring fits of laughter telling stories… oops, sorry if you were in the vicinity, that’s why we always try and pick quite lively places.

Then there was my own birthday. I’ve reached the age of forty-one that’s a bit neither-here-nor-there territory, but still I managed to celebrate in strange style this year. I really wanted to do something active and different so I opted for water-skiing for the first time, and I’ve got to say I loved it.

Chloe Everton water skiing

Uploaded by QVCUK on 2019-09-18.

That weekend was bank holiday at the end of August and was one of the warmest of the year so far, so no wetsuit was required in the lake. I didn’t really know what to expect from water-skiing; several people had told me it was hard and dangerous but I figured if I can ski and skateboard surely I can surely give water skiing a good crack.

Needless to say I loved it! It felt like I got the hang of it instantly and then whizzed up and down the lake for nearly 40 minutes crossing the wake back and forth and riding the waves. I felt really empowered and free plus the water was actually pretty warm.

It was one of my favourite days of the year, but by the end I was exhausted – what a way to spend my birthday! Then in the evening I had some friends over for a BBQ which was lovely and lots of fun.

Then there was THE wedding, or should I say THE wedding experience of the century?! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a snippet of what I was privileged and lucky enough to be a part of. Now I can’t say exactly who’s wedding or exactly where it was, but check out the videos here which were taken from in and around Tuscany and Florence.

It was one of the most amazing events I’ve ever attended. I kid you not I had to pinch myself to see if I was awake or dreaming. The bride and groom are an absolutely divine couple and I wish them all the love and best for their future. I can’t thank them enough for inviting me; there were moments I’ll never forget as long as I live. If you watch the videos you really get a feel for the occasion.

Chloe Everton at a wedding with fireworks

Uploaded by QVCUK on 2019-09-18.

So here I am back to reality at QVC UK, and I’m full of excitement for upcoming events and offers. I’ve been doing some secret behind-the-scenes filming to celebrate 26 years of QVC in the UK. Here’s a snippet but they’ll be more to follow.

Chloe Everton celebrating 26 years at QVC

Uploaded by QVCUK on 2019-09-18.

Also, there are some great offers and new products coming your way, and I intend to nurture myself, body and skin for a while.

For Hair:

The new Philip Kingsley three-piece styling collection comes in upgraded environmentally-friendly packaging. This is the perfect partner to any decent shampoo and conditioner to really help make the most of your hair and get it behaving again.

By the way, I’m still loving Philip Kingsley One More Day, and I’ve made much more of an effort to treat my hair with the utmost respect, so I’ve also been gently brushing my hair with the Manta Anti Static Flexible Hair Brush.

For Body:

Molton Brown Jasmine and Suede stole my heart the other day when I experienced it for the first time. Wow, what materpieces these two Absolute’s are.

There isn’t even a similar Molton Brown product to compare these to. We’re talking super high-end luxury indulgence; these feel and smell utterly divine. They remind me of everlasting warm summers in the Mediterranean Tuscan countrysides and beachside sunset dining. You’re about to fall in love with new two fragrances from this fabulous British brand.

For Mind & Soul:

I believe sleep repairs everything. It’s one of nature’s natural medicines, so go Supersize on Neom Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist. This is a really good way to ensure a restorative restful nights sleep.

I find I fall asleep quicker and have a more peaceful and deeper sleep when I spritz the pillows before I go to bed. Formulated with fourteen essential oils all known to aid rest and relaxation, I wouldn’t go with out it now. I know CRAIG ROWE has a little obsession with these too, and has stocked up whilst the offer is on!

Please let me know your suggestions for restoring your body, mind and soul, because I have felt the need to recently and anchor down. I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer whatever you’ve been up to.

Tootle pips for now xxx

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