Feel-good beauty products

How are we? Let’s all try and make life more pleasurable!

I have a theory, I believe that if a product is enjoyable to use and we get satisfaction from the process the were more likely to use it and often.

Here are some feel-good products that are lovely to use and available right here at QVC…

Neom Energy Burst Eau de Parfum with Hand Balm: this gorgeous two-piece collection from Neom includes the Energy Burst Eau de Parfum, which has a crisp and uplifting scent, plus the Nourish, Breathe & Smile Hand Balm, formulated with rich cocoa butter and skin-loving shea butter. Treat yourself or a loved one to this gorgeous duo of beauty treats.

Why it’s a pleasure to use: the aroma is fantastic, so invigorating it instantly lifts my mood and puts a smile on my face. Energy burst by name and by nature! Carry it on the go for a quick spritz of joy!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: a QVC Customer Excellence Award winner, this concentrated and award-winning formula helps to swiftly remove daily grime and make-up, and is safe to use around the eye area where it will even cleanse away stubborn mascara. A magnificent and top-rated cleanser from Liz Earle that you can use daily to pamper yourself.

Why it’s a pleasure to use: the aroma to me is homely and familiar. It’s a beautiful, silky but creamy texture which feels soft on the skin. Using the muslin cloth you can get right in the nooks and crannies and visibly see the make-up, grease and grime being lifted. Your face feels fresh and clear afterwards.

Gatineau Radience Enhancing Gommage Duo: currently available in three interest-free instalments, the 75ml Radiance Enhancing Gommage from Gatineau is a pearlescent gel that liquefies when massaged into skin, to help gently remove impurities and brighten the look of your complexion. Leave your skin feeling cleansed, fresh and radiant with a little help from this Gatineau duo.

Why it’s a pleasure to use: perhaps one of my all-time favourite beauty products on the satisfaction-ometre. Apart from smelling like a freshly cut orange, this goes on the skin with a gel formula, but physically changes into a liquid-like oil to tell you it’s job is done and it’s ready to remove. Your face looks, smells and feels like new – a radical change to skin appearance in minutes! I love it!

Beauty Bio Quartz Facial Roller: a Rose Quartz Facial Roller from BeautyBio that can be used throughout the day as desired, with a cooling sensation that offers midday stress relief when required. This essential beauty tool can help to reduce surface inflammation and facial puffiness, as well as helping to tighten and reduce the appearance of pores and improving the feel of your skin’s texture and tone. If you love your gemstones and you know what they can do, this one really is for you.

Why it’s a pleasure to use: this feels like it’s doing good to your skin, instantly there’s a flushing to the skin as the blood rushes there. The tiny spikes mean fast and instant penetration of any masks and products that we apply afterwards. Because it’s a beauty tool I’m always left with the feeling of a facial, like somebody has had their hands on my face. My facial roller lives next to my bed so I do mine lying on my back and find it very relaxing!

There are many more things here at QVC that you’re going to love, but let me know which products you love to use and why?

Big love,

Chloe xx

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  1. Hi Chloe you are so right – if a product is pleasurable we most certainly will enjoy using it and reap the benefits. Ive loved my skincare for over 40 years since in was in my early teens and love trying different products – especially since discovering QVC. My top two products i always repeat purchase are Liz Earle skin tonic which is smells divine and provides a beautiful veil of moisture and the beautiful luxurious Liz Earle Superskin unfragranced moisturiser which is for me the best moisturiser i have ever used. Wouldnt be without these two products in my routine. Great blog Chloe. Hope Teddy is well xx

  2. Hi Chloe – totally agree if you find it enjoyable and effective – you love using it.
    Please may I ask – do you choose which items you promote or are you directed by QVC to items to discuss?

  3. Hi Chloe

    I am amazed how your hair has changed please tell me what you are using.
    I have very fine thin hair and spending a fortune on products, I bought the dyson hair dryer love it
    But I want to have thicker hair , you really suit your hair now.

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