What really matters

It’s times like this when we realise what’s really important. Here are a few things I’ll carry forward and remember for the rest of my life…

Health is wealth, never take it for granted because it can change in a heart beat.

Above all else, be kind. The power words have is incredible. They can be the difference between making and breaking somebody’s day.

Value loved ones. We never know when they may be taken from us so cherish them and be grateful they are in our lives.

Stay in contact with friends, reach out to them, trust in them and don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling.

Being vulnerable or anxious is okay, don’t be afraid to tell people how you’re feeling.

At the same time don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t over think, don’t worry about the things we can’t change. Don’t think the worst or catastrophise.

Take nothing for granted. Not your freedom or your health.

Live life to the full. Say yes to adventures. Travel as often as possible to see the world next time you can.

Be grateful, full stop. Show gratitude. Say thank you.

Never underestimate emergency mini cheddars.

Bank memories not money, for one day they’ll serve us well.

Where the mind goes the body follows. Be kind to yourself, don’t expect too much. Keep thoughts positive, wish people well.

Laugh hard and often. Don’t take life too seriously, it’s short and precious, use it wisely.

If all else fails, put the kettle on, play your favourite songs and have a cry. Know this will pass like everything and after every storm there’s a rainbow.


Just try to keep smiling xx


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  1. Your words are powerful Chloe and reassuring. When the rainbow passes we have the sunshine. Life will go on for us all and we may come out stronger and more connected.
    Thank you for bringing a little sunshine in your words

  2. Very well said Chloe. It makes me realise what is important in life. As you say, if you have all the money in the world, it doesn’t help if you’re struck down with this awful virus.

  3. Spot on in every respect. That’s assuming you mean Red Leicester mini cheddars, of course. Keep smiling, beautiful.

  4. Hi Chloe. I love reading your blog. All the sentiments are so true. It made sense of all what is going on. And remember the world will start turning again and we can all get back on. Keep safe.

  5. Oh Chloe what a wonderful sentiment; so true and uplifting.
    Thank you for putting it all so eloquently.
    It’s always the simple pleasures that give most joy.
    Keep well and stay happy
    Karen :0) xxx

  6. Thank you so much Chloe -your aspirational “bites” really resonated for me -this is definitely a time for appreciating our loved ones and the simpler things in life -whilst looking forward to the opportunities a more free situation will open up for us.
    Just want to say thank you I actually consider QVC to be a “Key part” of my life -I’ve been able to watch and be entertained and order products that are my “essentials”
    Please take care and be safe 🌈

  7. Dear Chloe what a lovely blog, everything you said is so true. We all take things for granted but now with more time on our hands and time to think we can see what the important things in life are. Take care and stay safe everyone.

  8. Chloe, you are such a kind and wonderful lady. I love to read your blogs and I read them to my mum and grandma. We all love to see you on qvc. You make us laugh and you make us feel happy. This blog is so uplifting and I felt so emotional reading it. Our chairlift has broken and I can’t get my mum and grandma upstairs and I’ve felt so scared when I’m trying to be strong for them both. Thank you for writing this blog, I am so thankful for what you write, it’s always so positive. Keep well Chloe and thanks again for being one of God’s real life angels xxx lots of love, Elise, mum and grandma xxx

  9. Well I think you have all the corners covered, with that and more, you are so Wonderful and Positive vibes are coming my way, thank-you so much, and keep safe and well, so cheerful that’s what we all need at this moment in time.

  10. Hi Chloe,
    How I agree with the sentiments of your blog. I don’t think I will ever take anything for granted again. I am one of life’s worrier’s. I never used to be. The older I get the worse I seem to be! I hope after all of this I can learn to cope better and know what is important in life. That is our health and our freedom to enjoy it.
    We live in such a fast pace society. Where we don’t even know our next door neighbours. Something good has to come out of something bad surely. I was quite worried, as I’m sure many others have been, when we were told we would have to self-isolate for days. As we don’t have close family living near us I panicked as to how we would cope with the day to day things such as food shopping etc. But my faith in mankind was restored when one of our neighbours, who we haven’t even met, put a little note through our letter box offering help if we needed anything.
    It has been such an emotional few weeks that I cried.
    I am trying to be positive about things. Its not easy when you watch the news so am limiting this.
    Hope you are keeping safe and well. Take care.
    “These things too shall pass.” It won’t be long before we can all meet again and hug again.
    Best wishes from Tina S. (S. Wales) xx

  11. Hi Chloe,

    So true, in every respect. I have always believed that there are only three things that can never be replaced and when they are gone, they are gone : People, Health and Time. All so precious and highlighted by the present predicament. Let’s face it, everything else is just stuff and can be replaced. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep laughing and smiling, the smiles and laughter are the infection we need right now!

    Best wishes,

    Nikki xx

  12. Chlore, I have just been watching a repeat of a Diamonique show where you were wearing a super shirt in pink printed with cats (I think). I have looked through the QVC site and cannot see anything like it. Would you please be able to
    let me know what make it is and if it is stored at QVC. Keep well.

  13. What lovely thoughts. I’ve kept it so I can remind myself of all that’s good and important in our lives. Things will get better. Thank you for your kind words.

  14. Wonderful post Chloe, out are always so bubbly and uplifting on your shows. This post is lovely and makes us all stop, take stock and think ……and breathe and I am all about gratitude for all the little things in life.

    Keep well and all the best to you for the future.

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