Crikey it’s Clinique!

Hello it’s been a while. I’ve been busy, mostly at work but some rest and play too. Sometimes life gets in the way of the frequency of my Stories, apologies, I’ll try and get back on track.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to have a little trip to Cornwall with some close friends and thankfully we had some great weather too!

It was a fairly actively holiday with lots of cliff and beach walks with some intermittent local ciders thrown in. I really love the Cornish coast, particularly Rock and Polzeath, lovely spots for swimming and surfing consecutively. It’s also quite the foodies haven too, especially Padstow where there are some incredible fish restaurants!

I’ve also had three weddings to attend in quick succession all over the country, which is fun but exhausting with a busy schedule. It’s so wonderful to celebrate with close friends after the last 18 months we’ve had and only 15 people at my own wedding in May!

This last month I’ve also got back into some gentle exercise, river walks with Teddy and the wife and some swimming! Sadly I was ill with COVID through the summer and it took me a while to get my energy levels back so I had to take a slow and steady approach. I’ve noticed a difference now and so I’ll start to step it up again soon.

Now I’m doing a bit more activity my muscles are tightening up during recovery and I’ve been using the Theragun mini which brings me such good relief. It’s almost like having a very strong foam roller or even a massage on the area, bringing fresh blood and helping to aid recovery. I had a bad back earlier in the year and I used the Theragun to loosen off my hamstrings and hip flexors, it was a god send. It’s saved me a fortune in massages!

The entire QVC team had some amazing news to share recently, as we welcomed skincare powerhouse and global favourite Clinique into the fold.

This for me is definitely going back to my roots because growing up I was obsessed with it. My Mum was a Clinique user and was always complimented on her amazing skin and youthful appearance and it made me want to experience the same. My parents always used to buy me their moisturiser at the airport or on the plane and the love affair was built from there.

The actual heritage goes back to 1968 when Clinique was born out of a beauty editor asking a leading dermatologist if great skin could be created. The answer was… yes! Fast forward 50 years and the Clinique ethos is just the same, focusing on creating a simple facial routine based around your skin type, with effective formulas that promote the look and feel of healthier skin whilst never over complicating the process.

I’m so delighted to have them on board at QVC UK. You can check out the full range on our website here and enjoy the 60 day money back guarantee.

Stay healthy and happy,

Love Chloe xx

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  1. Hi Chloë,
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re ok though I didn’t even know you had had covid! It’s amazing that even after 2 vaccines that people have gotten really quite sick. Thank goodness for the inventors and medics! I hope your wife didn’t get sick too.
    It’s great you’ve had a nice little break and with friends too. You must have an enormous circle of friends but actually I think your wedding sounds perfect!
    I’m hoping Catherine isn’t sick as we haven’t seen or heard from her. Take care,

  2. Hi Chloe sorry to hear about corona virus it brings it home when someone who looks after themself can contract it. Glad you are getting back to normality and that beautiful Cornwall helped.I agree the areas you like are my favourites too. Loved photos . Keep up the fantastic work you do on tv entertaining us while telling about the product .Especially with the lovely June.Hope married life is all you hoped it would be Take care lots of virtual hugs.

    1. Feeling much better now thank you, it took a while and you have to be kind to yourself mentally and physically. Married life is wonderful thank you. Sending lots of love back xx

  3. Hi Chloe,great to see you back to your bubbly,crazy self!! 😛 wouldn’t have you any other way ❤.This year has certainly had its ups and downs 😫 this year health and family wise hasn’t been a good one for me 💔💔😭 You and your lovely wife looked stunning on your wedding day ❤ 😍.Keep smiling and being your amazing self! You rock girl xxxxxx

  4. Hello to my lovely real life qvc angel !
    It’s been a long time since I wrote on your story blog. My health is still not good yet, it’s been 2 and a half years of being poorly (not COVID but it’s been scary) but I pray every day and stay positive. As you know my Mum & grandma are disabled and everything can feel hard at times. I am so thankful to be able to see you on the tv & read your blogs as you really are the light on some very dark days. You have definitely touched the lives of me and mum & grandma. I’m glad to read that you are ok an not only that, but that you have found love. Health, wealth and abundant happiness to you both ! The pictures of your holiday look so lovely, our beach at Blackpool looks like someone left a load of black liquorice in there by accident 😉 but listening to the sound of the waves is awesome! The Clinique shows were great, really looking forward to Kirks folly returning, Jenniefer Kirk is a fantastic lady like yourself, I hope you get to do one of their shows !!!! Me and mum been collecting their jewellery forever, I grew up watching it, I was bullied really badly in school and mum bought me angel things to help me to not be so afraid. So ecstatic that they’re back, already bought 4 pieces an they’ve not been on air yet !!! Anyway, looking forward to your next show ! Take care & stay safe, all our love, Elise, mum & grandma in Blackpool xxx

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