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Bye bye summer, you seem long gone and it’s so far away until next year’s sunny months! So this is the state of play we find ourselves in now, autumn is here, our social landscape and freedom is changing weekly and the winter is fast approaching. What can we do to cheer ourselves up?

Well I’ve heard lots of people say they’re going to make this Christmas something big and special to look forward to for their family. Not only will it mark the end of a tricky year but also it will make us appreciate time with our loved ones more.

Check out what we have to offer to help your Christmas feel special, we have specialist sections with offers on our app and website. We have everything from food, wines and spirits, to beauty, practical gifts and decorations. On top of that, to make life easier we’ve extended our Money Back Guarantee to the 31st January for all Christmas Gifts.

Here are some of my favourites for under £50 to tantalise you’re taste buds…

For anyone: L’Occitane Four-Piece Festive Bauble Collection

This four-piece Festive Bauble collection from L’Occitane features two Christmas tree-shaped tin baubles and two star-shaped tin baubles, each filled with a selection of sweetly scented goodies. The ultimate stocking-filler for a beauty fan, share these baubles among friends to bring some joy and beautiful aroma on the big day.

For exact contents click the link.

For her: Rio 24 LED Cosmetic and Make-up Mirror with Magnifier

It features a 180 degree swivel design and boasts 24 individual LED lights to provide a bright and clear view of your reflection. Fix the mirror at any angle to help with applying make-up, popping your contact lenses in, or ensuring your hair is looking flawless.

For him: Elemis Men’s Stocking Filler

This Men’s Stocking Filler from Elemis features three beloved essentials, including Sharp Shower Body Wash, Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel and Deep Cleanse Facial Wash. Encased in a festive gift box, this fabulous set will help to keep his skin cleansed, balanced and smooth and leave it gorgeously fragranced from top to toe.

And for the house: The Culinary Concepts Medium Octopus Bowl

I just love this! This medium standing octopus from Culinary Concepts is made from aluminium that has been finished in shiny nickel plating and proudly holds a glass bowl in its tentacles. A sure way to brighten any table, use this delightful centrepiece to serve your guests a spectacular fish course, nautical nibbles or salads, fill it with ice to keep drinks cool, or put fabulous fruits or potpourri in it – the options are boundless.

Above all, it’s been a tough year so don’t forget to treat yourself!

Just some positivity to finish on, always remember that if you’re finding life a bit tough there are things we can do to make it through each day. Here are some positive affirmations (even if they’re not completely true). So a slight change in how we word things to ourselves in order to stay positive and think the best. Each day saying these type of phrases to ourselves in the morning can really help switch our mindset. Here’s some examples…


I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and I look after and respect my body.

I’m delighted to have people who love and support me in my life.

I’m kind to myself and talk to myself in a loving way.

I believe in who I am.

I love exercising and do it everyday because it gives me energy and vitality.

I’m stronger and braver than I think.

I create and seize opportunities which make me excited.

I’m kind to myself and others because kindness makes the world go around.


And some photos of Ted to raise a smile, why not!

Stay safe and well.

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  1. Bit new to this so not sure if this is the right forum but enjoyed your comments about dancing in the kitchen with Glen recently and the shimmying with June. I bop away in my kitchen usually if cooking on a Saturday. However trumped this for my recent 60th birthday…set up lights and music in conservatory for a mini party for 6. It was FABULOUS

  2. Hi Chloe oh wow how your blog cheered me up today! I was feeling quite down yesterday due to the uncertain times we live in now and my dreaded menopause hormones. But having read your blog – love the example of phrases you shared and most of all beloved Ted. He sure does raise a smile! Lovely pic of the two of you together too. Am excitedly awaiting my Liz Earle TSV, which is on its way. Cant wait! Have been a LE fan for over 20 years. Stay safe and well xx

  3. Hello Chloe….well just look at Ted !!! Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous…especially the photo of yourself holding Ted..he looks so comfy and content. Love him to bits Chloe, as I know you do, our pets are soooo precious. Take care, stay safe

  4. He’s so beautiful Chloe. You have a special bond. I hope your mum is doing ok after her hospital stay. I wonder what we’ll all be doing this Christmas as you say. Enjoy your blogs x

  5. Oh Chloe, that picture of you and Ted is fab, and gives you a real feelgood moment. Must also say your show the other day with June really cheered me up!! Very much enjoy your shows and indeed your great blogs xx

  6. Hi Chloe, you brighten my day. Loving your hair colour just now, do you know what it’s called in hairdresser speak, would love to try it myself.

  7. Never done this before, just wanted to say you are my favorite presenter, it doesn’t matter what you are presenting, you make me smile. I would love you and Jenny Blackhurst to present together – what fun that would be!!!

    Take care and stay safe

  8. Hi Chloe, your a breath of fresh air, you always have a brilliant up beat positive attitude to life. Having had a new hip fitted 4/2019, then first dislocation 3/2020, and then a second one 6/2020, I am not in a good place, and in liverpool in tough restrictions I have been indoors since March, scared to do much in case of dislocating again, you have been such a joy to watch and listen to. Thanks for some good affirmations that I think I need to start doing. Stay safe 💕

  9. Hi Chloe, I love your blogs and your excellent presenting skills and enthusiasm, such a tonic in these strange times. Please keep them coming along with the dancing, loved your show with June from Frank Usher and would just like to add TED IS A STUNNER.

    Stay safe and well.

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