How to look and feel good!

I really hope things are settling in your world as we move into the summer and hopefully you’re finding reasons to smile!

Firstly, thank you everyone for all your kind messages through my recent family saga, I’m very pleased to report that my mum is now out of hospital and recovering at home! What a relief! Many thanks to all the staff at the hospital and the NHS who took care of her during this time. It must have been pretty frightening, all of those weeks without any visitors or family members to hold her hand. One particular nurse called Susan was particularly good to her, so an extra special thank you to her (as it transpired Susan was an avid QVC fan. It’s funny isn’t it, during the worst times just a friendly face and the kindness of strangers goes along way).

It’s fashion day this Friday on QVC and I’ve been playing dress up to find my favourite pieces from the new range, with the help of our stylist Stine Wintlev.

Here are some of the looks we created. If you like anything, get in ahead and grab your size now!

Look one: Punk tribal

Shirt dress: 178958 by WynneLayersBoots: 185103 by BronxClutch: 183744 by Amanda Wakeley.

Look two: Animal instinct 

Top: 186506 by Nina LeonardShoes: 185113 by Moda in PelleBag: 185462 by AshwoodBracelets: 312747 by Lola Rose.

Look three: Biker chic

Biker jacket: 182867 by Ruth LangsfordTop: 186056 by WynneLayersShoes: 186439 by Sam EdelmanClutch with belt: 183744 by Amanda WakeleyRing: 344999 by CeramicBangle: 343223 by Frank Usher.

Many of you may be aware that I love good health and beauty supplements, I believe they are so beneficial. As we get older the ageing gut doesn’t extract nutrients efficiently from our balanced diets, so we lack many key vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that normally bolster our immune system. So, as well as Imedeen, my usual vitamin supplements such as vitamin D, high dose vitamin C and probiotics, I now take 8 Greens and Dr Seaweed Weed & Wonderful from QVC UK because I want my immune system firing on all cylinders. Both of these supplements are now receiving nothing but five-star reviews from customers too!

I’ve got to say I’m very impressed, 8 Greens are sugar free and gluten free giving us a power dose of these greens all in one dissolvable tablet which you add to water. The main ingredients are:

  • Organic aloe vera
  • Organic barley grass
  • Organic blue green algae
  • Organic spirulina
  • Organic broken cell chlorella
  • Organic kale
  • Organic wheatgrass
  • Organic spinach


Dr Seaweeds Weed & Wonderful really took me by surprise. I did a little research on iodine and I was desperate to try these! They give you a good natural source of quality iodine which many of us women lack and they’re also gluten free, vegan friendly, kosher and certified organic.

The seaweed used is sourced from the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides, where it is carefully dried and milled to a fine powder and placed into capsules that are easy to take. It’s just one a day so at £17 for a two month supply this is a decision that’s easy! Please, please read the reviews, they tell you lots about what benefits customers have experienced.

Now the hairdressers have finally opened I’ve managed to have a cut and colour, check it out!

But I’m not the only one, Ted also had a groom!

Any questions or comments drop them on here or reach out on my social media.

Until next time stay safe and happy!

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  1. Great news about your mum and such a relief for you. How happy are we all to welcome back the hairdressers – never have we been so pleased to see them! Your hair looks great and how lovely does Ted look, and doesnt he know it! Hes a darling xx

  2. Super Blog as always Funny and Informative! Happy that all is well with your Mam ,Hair Today you are both looking very Chic ! xx

  3. hi Chloe
    Please help!! Last month when you presented Lola Rose with Nikki, just as the show finished you asked her about a Curio gold & turquoise necklace she was wearing. She said it would be in the next show in July & you said you would keep yours eyes open as you loved it. I watched 3 hours of Lola Rose yesterday & even though Anna said Curio would be featured in the 5pm show – it never appeared. Do you know how I can please find out when it will be on air as I absolutely adored it. Hope you can help me as I don’t know how to contact Lola Rose or describe what it is. As you specially asked, I’m hoping you remember this. Many thanks & keep on bringing the joy to QVC cause you always bring a smile to my face on your shows – you’re fab !!! Many thanks

    1. Hi Barbara that necklace is on the Lola Rose website but it’s currently out of stock (it also comes in labradorite). You can put your details down to be notified when it’s back in stock.

      1. Hi chloe
        You was presenting with ashwood handbags in October 2020 wearing a beautiful blouse please tell me where you got it from my mum has fallen in love with it? Thank you

  4. Gorgeous hair and Ted is pretty good too! You managed to get a first in the queue! So glad your mum is out of the hospital. Such a relief as you say. Sure it was very scary x

  5. Hi Chloe,
    Great blog as always you are so upbeat and you always make me smile.
    Could you tell me if the multi coloured top you are wearing in this blog is available on QVC or where it is from as I think it is lovely. Take care.

  6. Love your hair style and fabulous colour. Really good to know that your mum is on the mend.
    Really wish that Ted could be with you for all your shows. He is absolutely gorgeous and is a mini version of my own cockerpoo Freddie.
    You’re a little ray of sunshine on these strange days.

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