Let’s get strong in 2020

We’re all gearing up for Christmas and you know what that means? Delicious calories galore. As much fun as it is with all the festive food and parties, it can take its toll on our waist lines and I’m pretty greedy so my trousers never do up on January 1st.

If the idea of joining a gym and bounding around in spandex doesn’t tickle your fancy and you’d rather do something in the comfort of your own home behind closed doors, I’ve got just the ticket for you. Chair Gym gives us over 50 total body exercises to help improve strength, flexibility and energy levels.

This compact system has been developed for males and females of all strengths and abilities, whether it’s for fitness or rehab. Plus, it’s perfect for all ages with three levels of resistance and supports up to 350lbs in weight. From out of the box you can have this up and going in two minutes ready to use!

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You don’t need any specific clothing either and not even a pair of trainers. So, let’s get fit and healthy together and be strong in 2020! A healthy body helps a healthy mind.



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