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So here we are in February, it’s very strange but it feels like time is standing still yet travelling so fast through the year already.

Lockdown life is tough for everyone and we’re really going to have to dig deep through February to keep our positive mindsets, it may be the shortest month of the year but could feel like the longest. It seems everyone everywhere has been affected by this blooming virus and we’re all fed up of it. So, let’s try and take just one step at a time, one day at a time to get through it.

I’m trying to be so good with health and fitness, with sleep and activity, and also with food and nutrition, but I keep falling off the rails and letting my diet go to pot! I’ve been having a few glasses of wine at the weekends and stuffing myself with cheese after 9pm but I’ve realised that these are my pleasures to help me get through. So let’s continue to be kind to ourselves because getting through right now is enough. Let’s allow ourselves some sneaky pleasures whatever that is, we’ve no days out planned, no trips to our favourite restaurant and no parties or events to attend. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, finding moments of joy is priceless!

So I’m going to try and stick to my plan of being good but not too rigidly until we get unlocked and allowed to see a few people. I’ve been trying to stick to routines to help with my mindset, getting up early and at the same time every day, doing some exercise and then showering and dressing for success! (By that I just mean a successful productive day). Being a Virgo I think I always have to be making progress and learning but I must give myself a break at the moment if that doesn’t happen.

We’re all different I know but let’s try and do everything we can to help stop us going stir crazy. I’ve been loving dog walks with Teddy, I’m spending so much time in local parks come rain, wind or shine! I’ve also been clearing out the house and getting through all my admin, even doing jobs I always put off such as moving energy provider – even this makes me feel a sense of achievement at the moment.

I’m trying to do lots of pre-Spring cleaning too. I know it’s early but it doesn’t matter really does it, we’re spending so much time at home why not make it a lovely environment. I’ve been using an upcoming Six-Piece Clean and Descale Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Ecozone to get everything in shape! You’ll be able to purchase this next Tuesday (the 16th). Wait until you hear everything you get, it’s a bumper pack with all you need to get your house and appliances in good order!

This is what you get:

  • 1 x appliance descaler (five uses for cleaning and descaling)
  • 1 x Kitchen Cleaner 500ml – degreases for keeping all surfaces sparkling
  • 1 x limescale remover 500ml – cleans whilst removing limescale from surfaces
  • 1 x washing machine and dishwasher cleaner (6 uses)
  • 12 x enzymatic drain cleaning strips


Not only will this collection get your house feeling fresh and clean, hopefully it will have the knock-on effect on your mental wellbeing. I always feel better when everything is shipshape and in order at home and those drain cleaning strips have sorted out the funky odour down the plug hole a treat!

I’d like some inspiration and motivation from everyone? February might come with its own new challenges or more of the current challenges we already face, so what have you been doing to keep yourself mentally on track?

Let’s share ideas!

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    I only just read your last blog and left you a question about any tips for us 9-5 people on how to get fitness?! It’s been so dark and cold! I don’t know what tips I have though for you! You seem to have it sussed! How’s your family?x

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