Mighty picks for May

May is totally and utterly my favourite month of the year. To me it signifies rebirths and new beginnings, we see it with plants and flowers plus all the animal offspring – it’s just a delight to see.

New beginnings need a new routine, a fresh start, a change from what we’ve been doing all winter long.

Here are my top QVC picks for May:

Supersize of the month from Ultrasun

They’ve gone and done it again, when you think that this range had it all already, they surprise us with more. Now the tan activating SPF 30 has added benefits, if a healthier golden glow is what you’re after you’ve struck gold.

Prep your skin for exposure to the sun with this fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non-sticky UVA and UVB (SPF 30) sun protection gel from Ultrasun. The Body Tan Activator Sculpt not only offers SPF 30 protection for the body, it also helps to promote a healthy looking, sun-kissed glow and a sculpted appearance.

It gives long lasting protection after just one application of SPF from this Ultrasun range provides long-lasting protection and offers gentle formulas that are suitable for all skin types. With a shelf life of up to two years after opening these products will help keep your skin protected season after season.

Gardening Pick of the Month from Richard Jackson

This is how to grow bigger, better, healthier plants. Developed for outdoor and indoor plants growing in patio containers, hanging baskets and window-boxes, just one application gently feeds your plants all season long. A gardening essential for good year-round growth! Feeds your plants for up to 6 months.

The clever formula contains two types of feed granules: blue for quick release, helping plants establish faster; and green for longer term feeding. Easy Feed is also temperature controlled, releasing more nutrients in warmer weather, just when plants need them most

Can be used when planting up into containers but also in established pots and containers. Just poke holes in the soil with a pencil and sprinkle in the feed. All you have to do then is water water water. Ingenious product! Already been using mine.

Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott

I’ve only just discovered this and I don’t even know if it’s been on air at QVC, but it’s amazing! It’s a very hardcore multi-tasker. If you’re going on holiday this summer, let it be the first beauty product you pack. It’s a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser all in one stick balm.

Save space on your bathroom shelf or dressing table or even holiday luggage with this multi-tasker. A true three-in-one cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser, it addresses numerous skincare needs whether it be helping to melt away impurities and remove make-up, gently removing dead skin cells or hydrating and generally improving the appearance of texture, brightness and tone. Leave your skin lavishly looked after with this versatile beauty must-have.

It’s a high percentage natural oil-based formula rich in antioxidants vitamin A, E and C and blended with pumpkin enzyme, hyaluronic acid, carrot tissue oil and blackcurrant oil. Contains no parabens, dyes, fillers, silicon or sulphates.

Use it straight from the stick or run fingers over the balm to apply to face and neck. Then emulsify with water and rinse or wipe away with a cloth.  Top tip – apply to skin for 10 – 15 minutes as a moisturising treatment. Just feel and look at your skin afterwards, it tells you all you need to know!

Let me know what you think about any of the products I’ve highlighted above, I think all three are game changers.

May all your dreams come true,

Chloe xx

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