Mistletoe time

Hope that all is well in your world. The big day is approaching thick and fast! My mum and I always joke on the phone that it’s bin day again, mine is a Monday morning every week and it seems I have about three Monday’s a week it comes around that often. Thankfully this year we can all get together and celebrate, we can even put the mistletoe up in the hope of getting a big smack on our lips! If we’re planning on a passionate Christmas, then we need to pamper and prep our lips accordingly.

We can’t let this opportunity pass us by without giving it our best!

Right, here are your three top tip lip prep steps…

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…

The lips are actually delicate little suckers, and they don’t have their own oil glands so they can get very dry, cracked and flaky. The best way I’ve found to exfoliate them is with just a clean dry toothbrush WITHOUT toothpaste. This is a bit of a life hack because you don’t need any products at all. Gently brush over the top and bottom lip, not only does it help remove any flaky skin or uneven texture, but it also stimulates blood flow so you get lovely pink glowing lips. Do this every day!

2. Condition your lips…

My favourite from QVC for all day, every day that I can’t be without (in fact I’d say I’m addicted to it), is Gale Hayman’s Lip Lift. It comes in various configurations with us, but we currently have it as this trio or this supersize duo.

This is not a standard lip balm or salve but serious anti-ageing skincare, designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lip contours. It is super saturating to leave your lips feeling moist and plump, can be used under or over lipstick and is also a big award winner at QVC, voted for as ‘best in category’ by our customers in The Beauty Excellence Awards.

3. Plump up your pout…

Check out Dr Esho on our website, he’s a well-known TV Doctor with a difference and Instagrammers and celebrities are going nuts for this Doctor range. Right now, we have an amazing Big Deal, or limited time offer, on this three-piece Volume Lip Treatment Collection. Forget scary injectables and try this first.

Currently available only at QVC, the Sculpt, Drench and Coat lip treatments work together to add the look of volume while moisturising and caring for your lips. From instant volume to TLC for dry skin, the trio really does have everything you need to ensure your lips look and feel their best and are perfectly primed for whatever lip colour you want to apply on top. Do your own before and after to see the results! I’m certain you’ll be back to me.

So, whether you’re taken and kissing you husband, wife or partner OR you’re at the office Christmas party hoping to pass under the mistletoe, let your lips do the talking!

And here’s a photo of Ted in bed, just to make you smile…

Whatever the weather, be happy!


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  1. Gorgeous photo of Ted in Bed Chloe…..he looks soooo comfy and content. Aren’t our pets amazing they always seem to know where the best places are.

  2. I love to see photos of your little Ted. I could eat him , he’s so gorgeous. In fact I think he should be on the qvc payroll, he could be the permanent model for Cozee home dog beds, he was brilliant!
    I have a twelve year old cockapoo called Freddie. He’s gorgeous too.

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