My mindful moments

As well as trying to be generally more healthy and fit this year I want to be more grounded and balanced. I’ve started to do lots of meditations and visualisations to calm down my nervous system but I also want to create some mindful moments.

After finally assembling a bird table I got for Christmas, I’ve placed it in the garden where I can see it while having a morning coffee. I’ve got some of Richard Jackson’s Premium Bird Food and I can’t wait for the birds to come and feed. I’m told by the experts it can take a few weeks for the birds to skeptically investigate the situation before commuting to feeding there. So I’m waiting patiently to see what happens.

I chose Richard Jackson’s Premium Bird Food because it’s a professionally formulated blend of nutritious seeds and natural ingredients designed to attract the widest range of birds to your garden and to provide them with high levels of energy all year round. This special high energy bird food is ideal for using in bird feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding, plus all of the ingredients can be eaten by the birds and there are no messy husks to clear up afterwards.

The best for the birds, the blend contains 13 natural ingredients including whole sunflower hearts (a rich source of oil and protein for all birds), higher energy suet pellets (a superfood for birds) and kibbled peanuts. It’s also 100% free of wheat flakes, a cheap filler used in some bird foods. It’s on a feature offer price at the time of writing.

I’m also going add onto the table some some Grumpy Gardener set of three border feeders and hang them off the table. Each features a durable sage-coloured finish and hangers to attach to hooks or branches to entice the birds in. Complete with nutrient-rich fatballs, mealworms and seeds to keep garden visitors well fed, this essential set is a must-have for an avid bird watcher – which I now am!

So hopefully these mindful activities with a bit of yoga on the side will help me achieve a more zen-like status and ultimately better sleep and a healthier life built for longevity!

I’ll upload any footage I get of the birds feeding in due course over the next few weeks as and when it happens – I’m chloeeverton1 on Instagram!

Stay peaceful, calm and carry on until next time

Chloe. X

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