My Top Five Beauty Purchases of 2019

I thought I’d use this blog to maybe help direct you to some big beauty heroes at QVC this year. It came about because a friend of mine asked me what I love from the beauty products that we stock across all the categories. I guess in many ways I’m best placed to comment because I get to see and use much of what we stock, even if it’s just in preparation for the show or on air.

So here goes my 2019 Top Five QVC Beauty Purchases:

1. Dream Coat from Color Wow

This for me was a real revelation, a true game changer, well hair changer actually. It’s totally changed the texture of my hair and how it behaves and reacts to styling and moisture, also it last for about three washes too. I can see why it’s a massive hit with models, sessions hair stylists and movie stars. I honestly do think I’d ever like to be without it anymore.

2. Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley

Another hair product makes it into my top five, this is the kind of staple must-have for anyone who cares about their hair, any age, any hair type or length will benefit. There’s lots of videos online about how to use it, but make it a must in your regime three times a week if you can, for a minimum of 20 minutes. Again, if you’re using hot hair dryers or styling lots then this is the perfect antidote.

3. Flawless Hair Remover from Finishing Touch

Takes away that unwanted hair in an instant where ever it maybe. Great for the face, particularly the upper lip and chin, make-up goes on so much better and it just saves you from embarrassing moments where someone is staring at your rogue stray hair mid convo. So quick, rechargeable, leaves no marks or redness and doesn’t hurt. Oh and there’s a body version too which is a dream on the legs.

4. SPF 50 CC+ Cream from IT Cosmetics

There’s a few different options online and even a supersize, but this gorgeous face product in Medium for me is a real must have. Goes on beautifully in a rush and replaces your moisturiser, concealer, primer and colour corrector. The finish is beautiful as well, not too thick and cakey but also not too thin and watery. I find it the perfect coverage and with that all important SPF 50 for anti-ageing.

5. Micellar Water from Decleor

Still my favourite, fastest, shower-free way to cleanse and no need to tone, I’ll never be without this! Great for in the morning to quickly cleanse face, but also fabulous for taking off even a full face of heavy TV make up. That clever formula means it pulls out the dirt, make-up, grease and grime away from the face without stripping the skin, then even works as a toner. I love it!

Why not let me know what your desert island products are and remember – all beauty postage and packaging is reduced to just £1.95 for the time being.

Oh and that amazing Hotel Chocolat Today’s Special Offer I mentioned in my last blog? It’s tomorrow and available now… go, go, go! In my opinion they’re one of the best chocolates around!



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  1. Hi Chloe I think you have all corners covered ha ha so I think you need to take Teddy for a long walk so much fun watching you enjoying life and chocolate you make me smile, what fun. Pamela x

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