Spring into a better place!

We’re two months into 2022 already, can you believe it? The hardest, bleakest, darkest two months are over and done with! Now all the glory Mother Nature can offer us starts to happen –  the flowers start to rear their heads, colour starts to transform our landscapes and our hemisphere becomes peppered with animal offspring. I really do love spring, with the lighter, brighter mornings and longer days. Usually when I teal to work at 6am, it’s pitch dark outside, but today for the first time dawn had begun to break, and what a difference it makes.

Many experts tell us that our day is shaped by the good habits and consistent routines we have, so let’s work on this. Also, we need plenty of the Earth’s natural medicine in our lives – sunlight, fresh air, movement, fresh food, water. Sadly, even if we’re doing all we can to stay well, fit, healthy and happy we can still experience sleepless nights, anxiety and depression. There’s so much going on in the world right now, we’re all desperate for more peace, calm and serenity!

Elemis has recognised this need and brought us a very timely Beauty Pick of the Month – a supersize of the Pro-Collagen Marine Cleansing Balm Serenity 200ml size. Its aromatic is all about calming the mind and skin, peace, serenity and mindful moments. It’s packed with gorgeous relaxing aromatics like lavender, sage, geranium and camomile, perfect for inducing calm and serenity, or perhaps used as part of a pre-sleep routine. It can also multi-task as a morning or evening cleanser, flash balm, bath soak and massage balm. I’ve struggled a little on and off with sleep myself recently and I read we’re in a bit of a sleep epidemic – if you are having difficulty nodding off or even staying asleep in the night then this may help. I use this and This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray every night – which is also available in a supersize – superb combo.

If you are struggling with sleep and anxiety, here’s a couple of tips that have helped me…

  • Work hard to manage your thoughts, don’t catastrophise situations and replace negative thoughts with three powerful positive ones
  • Exercise. Wherever, however, whenever. Any form will do – get moving
  • Breathing exercises – do them three times a day
  • Visualisations of how you want situations or days to go
  • Speak to friends and family to offload, a problem shared is a problem halved
  • Build a life or routine you love, find your passion as a job or hobby
  • Structure your day so you don’t get overwhelmed, writing lists can help with this
  • Find ways to incorporate some relaxation into your life – read a book, a dip in the sea, meditate, listen to the birds, stare at the sky

Thankfully there’s lots we can do to help ourselves feel better in times of anxiety, but if you’re really struggling please share it with someone and just talk, it’s a good first step. Remember that becoming a better you isn’t a light switch moment, it’s a process.

Lots of love,


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