Stay safe and happy!

The world and our nation face some real challenges at the moment and I really hope you’re safe, well and coping well, whatever your circumstances are. Many are working from home, some are self-isolating and the days can be challenging mentally. It’s really important to stay positive.

As I’ve mentioned in other recent blogs, I find having a routine is really helpful and means you have a focus for each part of the day. Try to find pleasure in each part. To get you out of bed, treat yourself to some delicious invigorating shower products, ones that liven you up. We have plenty online – take a look at our shower selection, which is full of great brands, beautiful formulations and stunning hydrating options. I’m loving Australian Bodycare’s Original Tea Tree Skinwash, it’s fresh and lively, hydrating and I feel super clean afterwards.

The area I’ve had to apply extra focus on at the moment is make-up for going on air, I’ve looked at tutorials and tried to get some sort of appropriate look to go live on TV. Now let’s remember I am not a make-up artist and I’m not creative, whilst I know how to do my own make-up a bit, there’s no way I can make it look as good as the professionals we work with at QVC. So I thought I’d scare you with a video of what I do, how quick I can do it and the products that I’m using at the moment…

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Also, look out for tomorrow’s amazing Ultrasun Today’s Special Value (TSV) three-piece Summer Essentials Face & Body Collection, which is on pre-sell right now. Remember the key to great skin is being proactive, of course have a great skincare routine but protect, protect, protect! After cleansing and toning every morning, pop on your facial Ultrasun, it’s once a day and it dries down matte, acting as a great primer. This set features three pieces but there’s a choice of Sports, Family and Glimmer (you can check out what exactly is in each online).

The value is outstanding too if you were to buy your choice of this three-piece supersize Ultrasun collection from QVC after today you’d pay £65, plus P&P. So for our Today’s Special Value price of just for just £36, plus P&P, you’re saving £29.

The value really extends beyond that because it’s a once a day formula, so you don’t end up wasting lots re-applying after dips in the pool/sea or perspiration. The formulations are all gentle enough for even sensitive skin and there’s an option here for the whole family, even little ones, and it lasts all day!

EcoSun awarded – known for their patented lamellar technology, broad spectrum sun protection formulas, Ultrasun has been the first suncare brand worldwide to be awarded the BASF EcoSun pass status. Plus, there’s Auto Delivery so you can have it re-delivered and at that same amazing value, look online and order early to secure though.

I’ve searched high and low for amazing suncare ranges because I have skin disease that means I must have total sun block on my body or stay in the shade. Ultrasun has changed my life in that way and I don’t have to worry. In fact, my whole family have switched to Ultrasun because my parents have severe skin concerns and they know they can trust in this range. Protection is the key!

Stay safe lovely people and keep smiling!

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    I am shocked! You have a skin disease?! You always look lovely and fresh. You love your hols too and have a lovely golden glow. What do you use?
    We’re all having good and not so good days but you’re a tonic when I catch you. Take care of Ted x

    1. I use Ultra Sun of course. I let my legs out in the sun but mostly stayed covered up. I use most of the self tan brands at qvcuk James Read, Tan Luxe, Vita Liberata and lovely a bit of Gradual Glow from Decleor too. I do love a holiday, missing them at the moment. And thank you Susan that’s very kind! Take care xxx

  2. I’m absolutely with you there, Chloe. I’m allergic to the sun so spent all my summers indoors until Qvc introduced me to ultrasun about ten years ago. I can’t thank them enough. Now, factor 50 in the morning and I can go outside like everyone else. There aren’t many products which are genuinely life changing, but ultrasun changed mine. Keep smiling, you happy soul.

    1. That’s great to hear. People always laugh when I say it’s life changing, I’m so happy you agree!! Keep applying and keep smiling xxx

  3. Hi Abbey you say Ultrasun lasts 2 years what happens after 2 years does it have a lower spf or just doesn’t work

  4. Hi Chloe I’m looking at the ben denise leopard blouse with pussycat bow I’m sure I’ve seen you in it could I ask your advise over the size I’m quite busty don’t want to get it wrong one of my returns has gone missing loving this and the price please help xxx

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