The empowering Kate Thornton X Bibi Bijoux range

The adventures at QVC Towers continue this week and the studios are bubbling with excitement over the launch of the Kate Thornton X Bibi Bijoux range. Kate Thornton has been in media and TV industry since 1992.

Kate rose to prominence as the first presenter of X-Factor in 2004 and has since worked on popular daytime shows such as Loose Women.

The fabulous collaboration has been in the pipeline for several years and is finally ready to hit the screens tomorrow (Wednesday the 16th) at 6pm live with myself and Kate Thornton. Inspired by female friendships, this modern collection celebrates you and those you cherish.

Each piece is adorned with affirmations that give us hope and wisdom throughout the day and to pick us up along the way.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the chance to hang out with Kate and get the low down on how this idea all started and get to know her. She’s super passionate about female empowerment and the strength of female friendships and how they can help shape, change and guide us through life. When you tune into the show you’ll see how various celebrity friends of hers have played a key role in some major life decisions that she’s made.

It was so lovely to hear how they all champion each other in all their endeavours; and these girls that she talks about, her ‘crew’, are some other celebrity household names that we know and love. To hear some of the stories about how they all support each other makes us all realise that we should cherish our female friendships every day!

Every piece within the KT X Bibi Bijoux range is designed to be uplifting and cherished. Kate has been an integral part of the way the range looks – each piece is made with love and quality to celebrate women with our core values of female empowerment, sisterhood and friendship.

The new KT collection draws on the Bibi Bijoux heritage of spiritually inspired jewellery, focusing on the modern worlds need to support and empower ourselves and each other.

The affirmation friendship bracelets are fantastic gifts to send and receive. I’ve had my KT bracelets on now for several weeks and not only have they caught the eye of others, every time they catch my eye it reminds me what’s really important in this world.

I know Kate has personally gifted many of her female celebrity friends who have responded with overwhelming feedback, gratitude and adoration for her creations. It’s fair to say the range is already loved by those that have pieces, plus I Iove the strong female following it’s already generated and it’s cropping up on social media everywhere!

Please come and see us tomorrow at 6pm to find out all about what Kate’s up to and to see these beautiful pieces.

Lots of love,


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  1. Hello Chloe, thank you for your lovely blog. You are such an amazing and inspirational young woman, and a great presenter. I always enjoy reading your blogs. I am a young 69 year old and the presenters on qvc makes me laugh. I am happy young lady. I will be purchasing an item from the collection. My husband don’t know yet but it would be a Christmas present from him to me. God bless you. Antoinette

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