The red door

There’s a little red door on a certain brand of cosmetics, many of us have seen it, but we don’t know what it means or where it comes from.

Well, the brand is Elizabeth Arden and the little red door was the colour of the door on the first Elizabeth Arden salon that opened in 1910 on Fifth Avenue, NY. Soon after, Elizabeth started to make a name for herself as the authority in beauty and skincare and before long, there were Elizabeth Arden salons in the majority of the fashion capitals around the world!

At one point, Elizabeth boasted that there were only three American names commonly used and known around the world: Singer Sewing Machines, Coca Cola and Elizabeth Arden. She was a real pioneer of her time, adopting an ethos that was way before her time. She was all about results and the effect on the skin itself, not simply masking problems – she believed in the science of skincare before many others even knew it existed.

Well… this world famous, globally renowned brand, Elizabeth Arden, is launching with QVC, on-air on 2nd September! You can expect to see some of their latest innovations to hit the skincare world, but also adored iconic classics such as Eight Hour Cream.

Let’s dig into a little history of this royal SOS skin saviour. The Eight Hour Cream is the legendary skincare formula created in 1930 by Miss Arden to soothe and protect skin. An instant, overwhelming success, the Eight Hour brand continues its legacy today. Celebrated by make-up artists and beauty influencers around the globe, its wonderful versatility and proven results have elevated it to “cult status” in the beauty industry.

This skin moisturiser can be used all over your body to treat dry skin and more.

Did you know? The name Eight Hour was coined by a devoted Elizabeth Arden client who used the cream on her child’s grazed knee, and “eight hours later”, it was magically better.

Eight ways to use Eight Hour – apply head-to-toe to seal in moisture and experience hours of hydrated, healthy-looking skin with each use.

At face value – simply rub a small amount in the palms of hands to warm through, then pat onto the face to seal in moisture.

Comes in handy – deep condition by working the formula into palms and over the fingers, then wrapping each hand for 10 minutes in a warm towel.

Heel-to-toe healing – help relieve weary feet by massaging the cream generously onto soles, pads and heels, then topping with cotton socks for deeper moisturisation.

A flash of brilliance – create instant radiance wherever skin normally catches the light, including legs, shoulders, collarbone, cheeks and bow of the lips.

Lavish the lips – with its effective moisturising ingredients, this do-it-all wonder perfectly re-hydrates chapped lips.

The mane benefits – in addition to its properties as a skin saviour, it can also help to smooth strands and moisturise dry ends of your hair.

Keeping it high-brow – run the tiniest amount through eyebrows to groom hairs, helping neaten and define the arch.

It’s wonderful to have this powerhouse multi-tasker from Elizabeth Arden, and many more coming soon. Such a fabulous range!

Lots of love, stay happy and chat soon xx

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  1. Hi Chloe, a few weeks ago I saw you wearing a red jacket, which looked very much like the Denim & Co comfy denim jacket. I presumed it would be an upcoming TSV but one has passed and the one due on Friday 10.09.2021 are not for this item. Can you tell me what jacket you were wearing. Thanks Julie x

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