The snuggle is real

Hello, how have you been?

It’s finally happened, it was inevitable, the clocks went back! It was lovely to gain an extra hour in bed on Saturday night, I know I needed it with a looming 5.30am Sunday morning alarm. But that also means we’ve hit winter and without a thought my nesting feathers come out, I gain a few pounds and prepare to hibernate.

In the evenings after work, it’s all about getting into the relaxed spirit, shoes off and into some awesome comfortable slippers, bra off (ahem) and some snuggly clothes or loungewear on, maybe even PJ’s. I love an early dinner so that I’m never too full going to bed and I just adore an early night. Most nights I’m in bed for 9.30pm… rock ‘n’ roll and how things change, but when my alarm goes off for work most days at 5.30am it’s essential.

I think through the winter lots of us snuggle down early and spend lots more time nesting in our cosy homes, therefore we should invest in snuggly attire. We have seriously raised our slipper game at QVC you should check out the range here. I especially love Emu slippers, they are just so warm, comfortable and soft, but it’s also worth noting that if you love Vionic, it makes sense to invest in their slippers too so you get that all important orthotic support 24/7.

In the deep of winter it’s even PJ’s to bed for extra toastiness. I’m all about turning the heating off overnight and being warm under a 15 tog duvet and some snuggly PJ’s. This Thursday we have the first ever Cozee Home Pyjamas Today’s Special Value (TSV) in a super premium velour stretch fabric, giving us lightweight warmth with lots of stretch. They are so unbelievably comfortable, the only problem is taking them off!!!

Stay warm and well until next time!

Lots of love.

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    Hope you’re feeling better. Lovely photo of you and Ted. I know what you mean about hibernating except it can be lonely and you feel you should be out?! Haven’t worked how to get around that yet! Enjoy your hibernating x

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