Theragun therapy

I hope we all have started to feel like Spring is in the air! I feel very hopeful and upbeat, the nights and the mornings are getting lighter and brighter. My Mum always used to say we gain about 2 mins a night or 15 mins a week of lighter days after the shortest day of the year.

I’m trying to move more and walk more in general and lighter brighter mornings and evenings give us more time to do this. I had started to hit the gym again but somehow managed to hurt my back and quad in my very first session. Usually I’d run straight off to the physio to get it sorted, but this time I though I’d try some self treatment with the Theragun mini.

Theragun Mini is a pocket-sized, agile massage device designed to provide quality deep muscle treatment to help temporarily relax tension, relieve muscle soreness experienced post-exercise and increase flexibility, plus it comes complete with the Supersoft attachment created specifically for areas of the body that need a lighter touch. Compact yet powerful, soothe and massage muscles wherever you are with the Theragun Mini.

What’s great is that I have a few trips away and the small size of this device makes it easy to take with you, keep in your gym bag or even take out walking or running with you. The long battery life offers 150 minutes of continuous use, so it will always be there when you need it.

For your workouts – the Theragun Mini is ideal to use pre and post-workout to temporarily relive tension, soreness and stiffness in your muscles. With shown results, in a study of 40 athletes aged between 24 – 27 showed Theragun percussive therapy accelerated recovery from exercise when compared to foam rolling or vibration.

I actually really enjoy using it and have become a little addicted to the feel good factor it gives me.

Get it out on our website, at the time of writing this it’s on 4 Easy Pays!

It means we can get out and get physical and active without any of the repercussions!

Stay fit and well until next time,

Chloe x

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